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Mobility Business Sector

Mobility Business Sector handles the development, manufacture, and sales of “Elastomers”, “Performance Compound”, and “Performance Polymers” products. In response to changes in the values of society and the global industrial structure, Mitsui Chemicals has accelerated overseas expansion of businesses with a competitive advantage with elastomers at its core, with an aim to strengthen and improve performance polymer and compound businesses that contribute to an environmentally-friendly society.

Elastomers Division

Mitsui EPT™ Series
We will meet the demands of the advanced and diversifying market through superior characteristics and functions, and a full range of technical services.
By controlling the molecular structure and increasing the viscous characteristics of polymer, we realized superior stress absorption performance.
LUCANT™ is a hydrocarbon-based synthetic oil containing no polar group that has been commercialized by Mitsui Chemicals for the first time in the world. LUCANT™ having unique properties gives new higher functions to lubricants, rubbers, resins and paints.

Performance Compound Division

MILASTOMER™ isa thermoplastic elastomer that provides “softness” to a wide range of scenes from lifestyle goods to automobiles.
ADMER™ is a polyolefin based “adhesive resin”, which Mitsui Chemicals was the first to develop in the world.
ARLEN™ has the highest level heat and chemical resistance of all nylon resins, and is widely used in automotive and electronic parts.
This PCT resin is mainly used in LED reflector applications that demand high reflection and high reliability.
AURUM® is a thermoplastic polyimide and has a glass transition temperature of 250°C. A top level thermoplastic resin, AURUM® is a world’s first by Mitsui Chemicals.
This is a special rubber modified phenolic resin and is mainly used as a binder for automotive brake pads.

Performance Polymers Division

TPX™ (Methyl pentene copolymer)
This is the lightest of the thermoplastic resins with high transparency and heat resistance, and easy release from molds, and is used in applications such as material for films to promote mold release and material used in the process of manufacturing rubber hoses.
HI-ZEX MILLION™ (Ultrahigh molecular weight polyethylene)
This resin has superior abrasion resistance and does not absorb moisture, and it is used in applications such as high strength fiber material and LIB separator material.
LUBMER™ (High self-lubricating special polyolefin resin)
This thermoplastic resin has excellent self-lubrication and abrasion resistance. It is widely used to deadenthe sounds of electronic office equipment and on sliding parts in automotive and electronic devices.
MIPELON™ (Fine particle, ultra-high molecular weight polyolefin powder)
This fine particle, ultra-high molecular weight polyolefin powder is used in applications such as modifying material to increase self-lubrication of resins, rubber, and engineering plastics, and filter material.
APEL™ (Cyclo olefin copolymer)
This has the highest refractive index among all amorphous polyolefins, and is a resin with no optical anisotropy. APEL™ is mainly used in optical plastic lenses of smartphones.
Mitsui Pellicle™
This is a used in the dustproof covers of photo masks for the photolithography process when manufacturing semiconductors, and is especially used in the manufacture of semiconductors for personal computers and smartphones.

Mitsui Elastomers Singapore (MELS)

This is a low crystalline α-olefin copolymer developed using Mitsui Chemical’s unique polymerization technology.
This low specific gravity elastomer combines softness with heat resistance.