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Cyclo olefin copolymer

A multifunctional transparent resin (cyclo olefin copolymer) independently developed by Mitsui Chemicals

  • Transparent
  • High refractive index, low birefringence
  • Stable dimensions
  • Resistant to chemicals
  • Resistant to heat and stiff
  • Superior moldability
  • Moisture-proof


APEL is a cyclo olefin copolymer (COC) that integrates the performance of polyolefin resins and that of amorphous resins. With the highest refractive index among the amorphous polyolefins, APEL cyclo olefin copolymer is low in optical anisotropy and essentially low in birefringence. This makes it ideal for optical plastic lenses. With excellent moisture-proof properties, resistance to chemicals, and non-attachment characteristics, APEL™ cyclo olefin copolymer is also used for medical packaging material. Its many functions and superior characteristics create new potential for transparent materials.


Optical characteristics

High in refractive index and low in birefringence, APEL cyclo olefin copolymer is ideal for high-transparency optical plastic lenses.

Camera lens unit for mobile phones
Camera lens unit for mobile phones

Pickup lens unit for optical disk
Pickup lens unit for optical disk

Extrusion molding sheets
Extrusion molding sheets

Injection molding plates
Injection molding plates


With the lowest moisture permeability coefficient among transparent resins, APEL cyclo olefin copolymer is perfect for moisture-proof containers and films.

Resistance to chemicals

APEL cyclo olefin copolymer is so chemically stable that it exhibits a high level of resistance to acid, alkali, and polar solvents.

Electrical characteristics

APEL cyclo olefin copolymer has superior electrical characteristics inherent to polyolefins. It also excels in high frequency characteristics.

Stability in dimensions

Amorphous qualities give APEL cyclo olefin copolymer high levels of dimensional accuracy and freedom from dimensional variation due to water absorption.

Outstanding resistance to heat

APEL cyclo olefin copolymer is low in temperature dependency as part of mechanical properties. It is possible to freely control its heat resistance by changing the copolymerization ratio between ethylene and cyclo olefin.


APEL cyclo olefin copolymer’s fluidity can be freely controlled by adjusting the molecular weight. This enables enhanced fluidity.


Lenses for mobile phones and for digital cameras, pickup lenses for optical disks, f-theta (fθ) lenses for laser beam printers, lenses for projectors, press-through package (PTP) sheets, pre-filled syringes, bottle for medicine, bottle for cosmetics, cells for analysis, shrink tubes, shrink films, easy cut films for food packages, electric and electronic components, containers for transport of electronic components, pump components, etc.