Self-lubricating Specialty Polyethylene

LUBMER has excellent self-lubrication, abrasion resistance and moldability. LUBMER is used for a wide range of applications for automotive, electronic and industrial parts.

  • Abrasion Resistance
  • Stability
  • Food Safety
  • Noiseless Properties
  • Electrical Insulation Properties
  • Sliding Properties


LUBMER is a specialty polyethylene developed by Mitsui Chemicals’ original polymerization technology. LUBMER has outstanding sliding properties, abrasion resistance and moldability. Especially, LUBMER is used for a wide range of applications for soundproofing parts of office automation equipment, automotive, electrical and electronic parts. In addition, LUBMER is making a significant contribution to the development of building materials, mechanical parts, etc.


Sliding properties

LUBMER shows about the same coefficient of friction comparable to that of fluoroplastics.

Self-lubrication / Abrasion resistance

By far better than ordinary polyethylene, polyacetal and nylon.

Chemical resistance

LUBMER has stability to various chemicals.

Food Safety

Some of the LUBMER grades meet food hygiene requirements.

Noiseless properties

LUBMER is used for soundproofing gears and rollers.

Insulation properties

LUBMER has excellent electrical insulating properties comparable to those of other polyolefins.


Facsimile equipment parts, bearings, toner scraper holders, word processor key plungers, assist traps, seat belt through anchors, glass-run channel, rollers for automotive massagers, Aqueduct parts, bearings for video camera