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Mitsui Chemicals Agro, Inc.

Mitsui Chemicals Agro, Inc. was established on April 1, 2009, when the Agrochemicals Division of Mitsui Chemicals Inc. (MCI) and Sankyo Agro, Inc. were integrated to enhance corporate value by reinforcing the MCI Group’s core business.

We will continue concentrating our resources on the agrochemicals and professional pest management (PPM) businesses, contributing to sustainable agriculture and improved quality of life by providing safe, efficient, and eco-friendly products and services, always adopting the customer perspective.

As a global company supporting the world’s food supply and living environment, we will continue to accelerate our business expansion, not only in Japan but also in overseas markets. To support this business expansion, which is based on“ dreams” shared with our customers, we will leverage our core competencies in“ technology” and“ innovation” to become an R&D-based agrochemicals company with a global presence, at the same time strengthening our business in the domestic market.

Hybrid rice seeds

Mitsuhikari 2003, Mitsuhikari 2005
Mitsuhikari 2003, and Mitsuhikari 2005 are F1 hybrid rice cultivars developed by Mitsui Chemicals. Mitsuhikari has superior high yield and taste, and is suitable for diverse rice demands including food service industry use. Mitsuhikari’s delayed harvesting not only helps prevent quality degradation but has the added advantage of dispersing concentration of harvesting resources. Mitsuihikari is not a GMO (genetically modified organisms) rice variety.


Agrochemical insecticide STARKLE™/ STARKLE mate™/ Albarin™
STARKLE™/ STARKLE mate™/ Albarin™ are insecticides containing dinotefuran, a proprietary Mitsui Chemicals Agro ingredient. Dinotefuran is a furanicotinyl compound having a unique structure without a halogen molecule. The broad spectrum of insecticidal activities, especially for hemiptera including rice leaf bugs, stink bugs, and plant hoppers, makes use possible in a variety of application methods.
Agrochemical insecticide TREBON™
TREBON™ is an insecticide containing etofenprox developed by Mitsui Chemicals. Etofenprox is a synthetic pyrethroid compound having a unique and innovative chemical structure composed only of carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen. Etofenprox is superior in insecticidal activities as well as repellency, egg-laying inhibition, and favorable toxicological properties (safe for animals, etc.). TREBON™ contributes to a variety of scenes in agricultural production.
Agrochemical insecticide Koromite™/ MILBEKNOCK™
Koromite™/ MILBEKNOCK™ are acaricides containing milbemectin. Milbemectin is a natural product from microorganisms with stable and immediate effects on spider mites on fruit trees, vegetables, and tea trees.
Agrochemical fungicide AFFET™/ FRUITSAVER™
AFFET™/ FRUITSAVER™ are fungicides containing penthiopyrad developed by Mitusi Chemicals. Penthiopyrad is a thiophene compound having a carboxylic acid anilide with a broad spectrum of fungicidal activities. AFFET is available to control various pests including gray mold and powdery mildew on vegetables. FRUITSAVER is a fungicide for fruit trees to control pests including scab and brown rot.
Agrochemicals paddy rice herbicide Sanbird™
Sanbird™ is an herbicide, containing pyrazolate. Pyrazolate is a pyrazole compound, effective in chlorophyll biosynthesis inhibition and eliminating paddy weeds causing bleaching symptoms without effecting paddy rice.
Agrochemical fungicide TACHIGAREN™
TACHIGAREN™ is a fungicide containing hydroxyisoxazole and was registered for rice seedling blight in 1971. It has been confirmed that TACHIGAREN™ is also effective as a growth regulator. TACHIGAREN™ is widely used for paddy rice in pest control and growth control of seedlings, as well as for field crops to control seedling blight.
Agrochemical fungicide NEBIJIN™
NEBIJIN™ is a soil treatment fungicide containing flusulfamide developed by Mitsui Chemicals. Flusulfamide is a sulfonamide compound highly effective against clubroot, a highly problematic pest for cruciferous vegetables such as cabbage.


Sanlit™ / Mongarit™ products (simeconazole)

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Metrofen™ (etofenprox)


MIKEBLOCK™ (dinotefuran)

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VECTRON™ (etofenprox)


VERMITOL™ (etofenprox)


LENATOP™ (etofenprox)

  • Albarin™ is a registered trademark of AGRO-KANESHO Co., Ltd.