Polyolefin-based Aqueous Dispersion

CHEMIPEARL™, made of fine particles of polyolefin, uses Mitsui Chemicals’ unique technology and is an environment-friendly aqueous dispersion which does not use emulsifying agents or organic solvents. (except for some grades and Product in Development)

  • Abrasion resistant
  • Improved slip properties
  • Anti-blocking agent
  • Superior application properties
  • Outstanding heat-sealing properties
  • Hygienic qualities


CHEMIPEARL™ is a particulate aqueous dispersion developed by Mitsui Chemicals, Inc. It is a unique product made of fine particles of polyolefins, previously considered extremely difficult to disperse in water. When compared with widely used aqueous dispersion techniques, CHEMIPEARL™ is unique in that it does not use emulsifying agents or organic solvents making it highly environment-friendly. Characteristics of polyolefins, such as mechanical, water-resistant, and chemical resistant properties, are retained intact, making the product ideal for widespread use as printing ink additives, heat sealing for food packaging, adhesives and binders, and anti-blocking agents.


Aqueous Dispersion

Efficient aqueous dispersion polyolefin which does not require emulsifying agents or organic solvents.

Abrasion Resistant

Spherical particles with narrow particle size distribution resistant to abrasion with excellent slip and anti-blocking properties. (A, M, V, W types)

Magnification of CHEMIPEARL™
Magnification of CHEMIPEARL™

Superior Application Properties

Can be applied to paper, aluminum, films, etc. by spray or gravure coating. (A, M, V, S types)

Heat Sealing Properties

Offers polyolefin’s excellent mechanical, water-resistant, and chemical resistant properties. When baked after application, it becomes a non-directional, odorless film with outstanding heat-sealing properties. (A, M, V, S types)

Hygienic Qualities

Polyolefin material which provides superior hygienic qualities enabling its use in food packaging. (M, V, S types)


Heat sealing agent, additive in coating agents, printing inks