High-grade Hydrocarbon Resin

Low-molecular weight / amorphous Aromatic Hydrocarbon resin with excellent color characteristics.


Characteristics of FTR™

  1. Excellent color and heat stability
  2. Good compatibility with various plastics, elastomers and wax
  3. Good solubility in various solvents
  4. Good adhesion at high temperature


Zero series α- Methylstyrene Homo polymer
2000 series α- Methylstyrene / Styrene copolymer
6000 series Styrene monomer / Aliphatic monomer copolymer
7000 series Styrene monomer / α- Methylstyrene / Aliphatic monomer copolymer
8000 series Styrene monomer based Homo polymer
FMR series Styrene monomer / Aromatic monomer copolymer

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Uses, Functions and Recommended Grades:

Use Function Recommended Grades
Hot melt adhesives Tackifier 6000 series, Zero series
Tackifier for Adhesive Tackifier 6000 series, 7000 series
Pressure-sensitive tape Tackifier 6000 series
Protective film/ sheet Tackifier 8000 series
Molded film Improved moldability 6000 series
Sealing film, sheet Giving water repellency 6000 series
Thermal ribbon Binder 8000 series
Toner Grinding medium 2000 series

Physical Properties:

FTR:Physical Properties)