Low molecular weight polyolefin


High-density type

High hardness and softening point owing to high density and crystallinity.

Low-density type

Low density and crystallinity which are attributable to low hardness and softening point.

Acid-value type

Good affinity to polar polymers, inorganic chemicals, metals, etc. Emulsifiable(High Acid-value grades).

Acid-modified type

Reactive with alcohols, amines, isocyanates, oligomer having epoxy group, etc.

Special monomer modified type

Good miscibility with polyethylene and aromatic hydrocarbon resins such as PS, ABS and Polyesters.

Thermally cracking low-density polyethylene type

Extremely low crystallinity. Good miscibility with other resins.

Thermally cracking polypropylene type

Raised softening points and high hardness. The highest melting point.

Classification of Hi-WAX

Classification of Hi-WAX™

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Grades and physical properties

Grades and physical properties

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Uses, function and recommended grades

Representative Uses, of Hi-WAX, and Recommended Grades

Representative Uses, of Hi-WAX™, and Recommended Grades