Polyolefinic Primers and Adhesives

Polyolefinic primers and adhesives for polypropylenes (PP) and polyolefins

  • heat-sealing properties
  • coating activity
  • secondary adhesiveness
  • heat resistance
  • heat resistant adhesiveness
  • retort treatment
  • pliability
  • gasoline resistance
  • flexibility
  • impact resistance

Basic Information

Unistole™ is a primer and adhesive of which the main component is a modified polyolefin in a liquid state.
The modified polyolefin is obtained by introducing functional groups onto a base polyolefin using Mitsui Chemicals’ polymer modification technology.

These polyolefinic primers and adhesives can be used for coating and bonding polypropylene (PP) and various engineering plastics, rubber and other materials, which do not readily bond and as adhesives to bond metals to polyolefins in automotive, packaging and paint applications.



Flexible at low temperatures

Versatile one-pack primer can improve coating application efficiency because it dries at normal temperatures allowing “ wet-on-wet ” coating.

Excellent secondary adhesion

Remains flexible at low temperatures. Coated articles exhibit excellent flex resistance and impact resistance.


Primer for coating and adhesives, food packaging, easy-peel packages, PTP packages, automobile parts, gravure coaters, roll coaters, sprays