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Food & Packaging Business Sector

Food & Packaging Business Sector handles the development, manufacture, and sales of products in the area of coating and adhesive materials and all products of Mitsui Chemicals Tohcello, Inc. and Mitsui Chemicals Agro, Inc.

With high performance and functional coating and adhesive materials based on MCI own technology, agrochemicals and environmental health businesses to achieve sustainable agriculture and improve the quality of life, and film and sheet products through fully-integrated manufacturing system,we expand and create market in business model and aim to provide food solution.

Coatings & Engineering Materials Division

TAKENATE and TAKELAC are polyurethane resins made using polyol as the base resin and a polyisocyanate curing agent, and they are used in a wide range of applications such as coating material, adhesives for packaging, construction material, and casting.
CHEMIPEARL™ is made using our unique technology to conduct fine grain aqueous dispersion of polyolefins for which aqueous dispersion were thought to be difficult.

Mitsui Chemicals Tohcello, Inc.

L-LDPE film, T.U.X™
Cast film made of L-LDPE (Linear low-density polyethylene) is used in a wide range of applications as a high-functioning sealant film. We boast the top share in Japan.
Easy open film
By selecting the material for each layer, this functional film adds heat seal-ability, and easy open functions to a variety of plastic sheets and films. As the pioneer of easy-open films, Mitsui Chemicals Tohcello has developed a series of film for various container materials and applications for the top share of easy-open film in Japan.
used in semiconductor manufacturing processes
ICROS TAPE™ is a protective tape for wafer surfaces (surface where circuits are made) used worldwide mainly in the back grind process when manufacturing semiconductors. We have the world’s top share in this product.
Silicone coated release film separator SP-PET
Separator SP-PET is a silicone-coated release film created by combining our unique material technology with our coating technology. From material for the manufacturing process of multilayer ceramic capacitor which is essential to electronic circuits to separator films for medical applications such as poultice sheets, we respond a variety of needs with our wide-ranging product lineup.
Solar cell encapsulant
This solar cell encapsulant sheet prevents rainwater and foreign matter from getting inside solar cells, and softens the shock transmitted to power generation elements (cells). From the 1980s, Mitsui Chemicals Tohcello began production of “SOLAR EVA™” which uses EVA as a raw material. It is the pioneering product of solar cell encapsulant sheets. We are currently developing and launching “SOLAR ACE™”, a high-functioning polyolefin encapsulant as the next-generation solar cell encapsulant sheet.
Paulownia™ (Foam molded polypropylene sheet, expanded 3 times)
A sheet created using closed-cell foam extrusion with polypropylene expanded 3 times a regular sheet. Demand for this product has been expanding as substitute material for plywood, cardboard, and corrugated plastic.

Mitsui Chemicals Agro, Inc.

Mitsuhikari 2003, Mitsuhikari 2005
Mitsuhikari 2003, and Mitsuhikari 2005 are F1 hybrid rice cultivars developed by Mitsui Chemicals. Mitsuhikari has superior high yield and taste, and is suitable for diverse rice demands including food service industry use. Mitsuhikari’s delayed harvesting not only helps prevent quality degradation but has the added advantage of dispersing concentration of harvesting resources. Mitsuihikari is not a GMO (genetically modified organisms) rice variety.
Agrochemical insecticide STARKLE™/ STARKLE mate™/ Albarin™
STARKLE™/ STARKLE mate™/ Albarin™ are insecticides containing dinotefuran, a proprietary Mitsui Chemicals Agro ingredient. Dinotefuran is a furanicotinyl compound having a unique structure without a halogen molecule. The broad spectrum of insecticidal activities, especially for hemiptera including rice leaf bugs, stink bugs, and plant hoppers, makes use possible in a variety of application methods.
Agrochemical insecticide TREBON™
TREBON™ is an insecticide containing etofenprox developed by Mitsui Chemicals. Etofenprox is a synthetic pyrethroid compound having a unique and innovative chemical structure composed only of carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen. Etofenprox is superior in insecticidal activities as well as repellency, egg-laying inhibition, and favorable toxicological properties (safe for animals, etc.). TREBON™ contributes to a variety of scenes in agricultural production.
Agrochemical insecticide Koromite™/ MILBEKNOCK™
Koromite™/ MILBEKNOCK™ are acaricides containing milbemectin. Milbemectin is a natural product from microorganisms with stable and immediate effects on spider mites on fruit trees, vegetables, and tea trees.