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Interest in “Health” has grown in response to the low birthrates and aging populations of developed countries coupled with economic growth in emerging countries. Recognizing the increasingly diverse nature of the market’s needs, the Mitsui Chemicals Group provides products that help improve the Quality of Life (QOL) while bolstering health and happiness in an aging society.

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High Performance Hygienic Nonwovens That Offer Superior Flexibility and Stretchability

The rate of disposable diaper market penetration in East and Southeast Asia continues to increase. The popularity of high-quality, high performance premium disposable diapers made in Japan also continues to mount, particularly in China. As a consumer product, disposable diapers must be leak-proof yet breathable enough to wick away moisture and sweat to prevent rash. In addition to these basic functions, consumers are looking for nonwovens that promise more comfort and a soft fit. In meeting each of these needs, the nonwovens that offer superior flexibility and stretchability developed by the Mitsui Chemicals Group using its proprietary technologies are attracting wide acclaim. In order to ensure stable supply amid growing demand, every effort is being made to maximize the use of the Group’s three Asian production bases in Japan, Thailand, and China while continuously bolstering capacity.
The Mitsui Chemicals Group is strengthening its endeavors to identify applications in a wide range of new areas, including the medical field. Moving forward, the Group will work to maintain and expand its top share of the high performance nonwovens market in Asia.

The Group’s Market Share and Market Growth Rate Where It Is Mainly Used

New Developments in the Dental Materials Business

Dental Materials
3-Dimension Scanner

Historically, dental materials focused mainly on the “oral repair” field. And, with a proven track record in Japan that spans 30 years, Sun Medical Co., Ltd., a Mitsui Chemicals subsidiary, enjoys a high market share. In 2013, Mitsui Chemicals acquired Kulzer GmbH, a comprehensive dental materials manufacturer ranked sixth in the world and recognized for its strong brand strength. Currently, digital technologies are also playing an important role in the manufacture and supply of dental materials. A growing number of oral repair products, including crowns and bridges, are being designed and produced using digital instruments. As a result, the Mitsui Chemicals Group has been quick address this trend toward digitization. In addition, we are reinforcing activities in such new fields as preventive care, cosmetic dentistry, and diagnosis from the more traditional oral repair.
By adding the Mitsui Chemicals’ polymer science technologies to the strengths of the two aforementioned subsidiaries, the Mitsui Chemicals Group is working to promote further innovation in the field of dental materials. In this manner, we will deliver products and services that address the needs of dentists and dental laboratories.

A World Leader in Vision Care Materials

The Mitsui Chemicals Group offers a wide range of ophthalmic plastic lens materials with low- to high-refractive indices. In particular, our MRTM Series leads the world as a high refractive lens material, and has attracted wide acclaim as the de facto standard due to its thin and lightweight properties.
Rather than simply providing lens materials that help correct vision, the Mitsui Chemicals Group is working diligently to provide comprehensive solutions that address diverse needs. We are upgrading and expanding our lineup of high-quality coating materials and developing new technologies and materials that address the increasingly diverse needs of society as well as calls for improved health and comfort. Through these means, we are expanding the potential of lens materials.

Expanding Market Share by Offering a Wide Range of Refractive Lens Materials

Ensuring Eye Health and Comfort by Controlling the Amount of Light

Wavelength controlling technology Polarization technology, Photochromic technology, Plant-derived materials