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Rapid growth in the world’s population has led to severe shortages of food, making it imperative for society to reduce food loss and waste and stabilize agricultural production. Moreover, needs have been rising for safe and reliable food sources that also have less of an impact on the environment. The Mitsui Chemicals Group provides products that address these needs.

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Global Development of High-Performance Agrochemicals
That Help Ensure Food Supply Stability

In fiscal 2015, while domestic market conditions hovered at around the prior years’ level and the global market looked set for long-term growth, Brazil’s market faltered, with a reversal in its previous expansionary trend.
Aiming for deeper market penetration, particularly in such priority areas as India and Southeast Asia, the Mitsui Chemicals Group, in addition to measures that included establishing local bases and pursuing tie-ups with local companies, focused on the development of products that match local needs, technical promotion and strengthening its overseas development.
In other areas, including the United States and Europe, the Group continued to collaborate with world-leading agrochemical manufacturers, including E. I. du Pont de Nemours and Company and BASF SE.
The Group has successively registered its leading insecticide dinotefuran and fungicide penthiopyrad in principal markets worldwide and these high-performance agrochemicals are receiving high acclaim.
The Group will help ensure food supply stability through ongoing innovation in the area of high-performance agrochemicals that demonstrate the utmost commitment to safety and minimum environmental impact.

Global Market Composition and Growth Rates

Global Market Composition and Growth Rates

The Group’s Sales Growth

The Group’s Sales Growth

More Functional Food Packaging and Development in Asia

The packaging materials market in Asia has considerable growth potential as living standards improve and the region develops as a food processing and export center. Keeping ahead of its rivals, for fine-tuned response to consumer needs, the Mitsui Chemicals Group has established production bases in Asia for EVOLUETM, which has a 60% or so share of the market in Asia as a highly functional sealant used for the innermost layer of packaging ,and for the adhesives TAKENATETM and TAKELACTM. We are bolstering business development in Asia through technical support and cross-sectional marketing.

Highly functional packaging meets functionality requirements through the multilayered construction of different materials. We offer a variety of material solutions to help solve problems.

Highly functional sealant: EVOLUETM and T.U.XTM

Tough, low odor, heat-sealing strength
Enhance productivity by down-gauged packaging and processing suitability

Resin modifier: TAFMERTM

Facilitates easy opening (Heat-seal strength control)
Contributes to high-speed packaging (Low temperature heat sealability), Enhanced impact resistance


For multilayered structures of different materials

Continual Innovation Leveraging Technological Prowess to Achieve of Active Ingredients with New Modes of Action

The complexity of new active ingredient development is growing along with the need for ever-higher levels of performance and the increasing stringency of regulations governing safety and environmental impact.
Resistance to pests and diseases is becoming a global issue and the Group is working to develop new, high-performance agrochemicals that not only are safe and environmentally sound but possess new modes of action that set them apart from existing agrochemicals.
The Group’s greatest technological advantages with regard to new active ingredient discovery lie in the comprehensive strengths it has gained through experience, for example, its accumulated expertise and knowledge in a range of cornerstone technological fields within the domains of molecular design, organic synthesis, and biological evaluation.
With unique technologies that elucidate chemicals’ mechanisms of action, the Group is able to create active ingredients that feature new modes of action. In fiscal 2015, the Group received an academic award in connection with the elucidation of the action of tolprocarb, a new active ingredient under development.
In March 2016, the Group launched tolprocarb, a new fungicide to control rice blast disease that is the first of five new pipeline products featuring innovative active ingredients. The Group plans to launch the remaining four pipeline products in succession.
Pesticide Science Society of Japan (PSSJ) Achievement Award (Research) 2015
Study on the structure and insecticide sensitivity of insect nervous system receptors
PSSJ Research Paper Award 2016
Action mechanism of the novel rice blast fungicide tolprocarb

Overseas Development and Schedule for New Product Launches

Overseas Development and Schedule for New Product Launches