Products by Applications: Other Mitsui Chemicals Solutions

Performance driven, high value added products

The Mitsui Chemicals Group provides high value added products to a wide range of industries. The Group’s materials and technological breakthroughs can be found in IT-related products to digital home appliances, and from building materials and flooring to sports shoes and clothing. The Group actively pursues research and development of new materials to meet the needs of various industries as a solution provider for the next generation.

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Materials for Semiconductor Manufacturing Process Mobile Phones Flat Display Panels Printers Faxes Copiers Hard Disks Laptop DVD Drives CD, DVD Digital Still Cameras, Digital Movie Cameras Electric Wires Solar Power Systems Insulation Building Materials Wallpapers Gaskets Protective Film Gas Pipes Floor Coating Wooden Walls and Ceiling Paint Adhesive Component Decorative Sheets Cladding Boards Water/Hot-water Supply Pipes Ice Melting Floor Heating Flooring Sofa Bag Low-resilient Pillows Clothes Sports Shoes Hair care /Skin care products Bottle Wash basins Bathtub Refrigerator Material for Sliding parts