Mitsui Chemicals, Inc. (MCI) contributes to society by providing high quality products and services to customers through innovations and creation of materials while maintaining harmony with the global environment.

MCI has over 30 years of experience in the development and production of innovative optical lens materials for the global market. The optical monomer brand name of MR™ is now globally recognized as a premium high index lens material. In 2008, SDC Technologies, Inc., a California based premium coating material company, and in 2011, Acomon group, a leading optical lens material manufacturer well known for its RAV7™ Series of R.I. 1.50 lens material, became MCI group companies.
Thus MCI is able to provide a full range of lens material and coating solutions to global lens manufacturers.

In 2013, the Korean KOC Solution joined the MCI Group. KOC Solution, a manufacturer and distributor of plastic optical lens monomers, brings with it middle to high-index monomers to greatly enhance MCI's product portfolio.

Mitsui Chemicals, Inc.
Tokyo, Japan
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R&D Strength

MCI is globally known as a leading manufacturer of urethane products and in 1987 became the first company in the world to apply thiourethane chemical technology to ophthalmic lenses. MCI’s global R&D network with a broad range of technology contributes to excellence in designing the most advanced molecules for ophthalmic lens materials.

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Sodegaura R&D Center
Chiba, Japan


MR™ Series History

~ Pioneer in high index lens material development ~
Early 1980s Started development of high index lens materials.
1987 Commercial release of MR-6™, the world's first thiourethane high index ophthalmic lens material (R.I.1.60)
1991 Commercial release of MR-7™, the world's first refractive index 1.67 ophthalmic lens material
1998 Commercial release of MR-10™ (R.I.1.67)
1999 Commercial release of MR-8™ (R.I.1.60)
2000 Commercial release of MR-174™ (R.I.1.74)
2008 Acquisition of SDC Technologies, Inc., a California based premium coating material company
2009 Acquisition of Film Specialties, Inc., an anti-fog coating specialty company of SDC Technologies, Inc.
2011 Acquisition of Acomon group, a Switzerland and Italy based lens material company
2013 Mitsui Chemicals becomes majority shareholder of KOC Solution, a Korea based lens material company

Mitsui Chemicals, Inc. contributes to the development of “epoch making” lens materials to provide the best solution for optical lens users.

Production, Quality Control and CSR

MR™ Series is produced and delivered according to strictly controlled operation protocols for the sustainable supply of high quality materials to lens manufacturers. The MR™ Series production plant is certified under ISO9001 and strict precaution is taken not only in monomer production, but also in packaging, storage and logistics.
As a chemicals company, human and environmental safety is a top priority. The MR™ Series plant is certified under ISO14001 and all operations are conducted with great consideration to minimize impact on the environment.

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Global Network

MR™ Series and RAV7™ Series sales, marketing and technical service are conducted by MCI global headquarters in Japan and 7 regional headquarters around the globe. Therefore, quick customer service in multiple languages is available for the highest customer satisfaction. Additionally, SDC Technologies, Inc. and KOC Solution Co., Ltd. also have global networks to support their customers in each region. Customer satisfaction is always the MCI group’s first priority.

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