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PP Modification

PP is used in wide range of applications due to its excellent mechanical properties, and needs of PP modification are diversifying. Three TAFMER™ series have been developed to accommodate those market needs.

TAFMER™ DF & A Series

TAFMER™ DF & A Series form a phase-separated morphology when mixed with PP, improving impact strength, without sacrificing stiffness of base resin.


TAFMER™ XM Series offers improved heat seal properties, such as low temperature heat sealability, hot tack and heat seal strength in packaging film application.


TAFMER™ PN Series is a unique propylene based elastomer with perfect miscibility with PP. It offers similar modification effect on impact resistance as TAFMER™ DF & A Series without sacrificing transparency. Its unique characteristics also function as stress whitening inhibitor, offering improved hinge property in various molded products.

Applications Functions Processes Main Improved Properties Series Technical Materials
Automotive PP Modification Injection Impact Resistance DF PDFPDF
Packaging PP Modification Cast Easy-Peel Property A PDFPDF
Cast Impact Resistance, Heat Seal Property A PDFPDF
Bi-axial Orientation (BOPP) Heat Seal Property, Transparency XM PDFPDF
Blown (BOPP),
Bi-axial Orientation
Shrink Property XM PDFPDF
Cast, Blown Self Adhesiveness (Protective Film) PN  
Cast, Blown Anti-Stress Whitening (Decorative Film) PN  
Industrial PP Modification Extrusion (Tube) Heat Resistance, Transparency, Flexibility PN  
Injection (Container) Impact Resistance, Transparency PN  
Wire & Cable PP Modification Wire Coating Flexibility-Abrasion Resistance Balance XM PDFPDF

Information contained herein is based on the material, information and data available as of the end of December 2011. No warranty is given for any data or evaluation results contained herein. It is also assumed that the product is to be used under normal conditions and with due precautions. If the product is to be used in any special manner, the user is requested safety measures to meet such new use or application.