Properties Table

MFRTest Conditions: P = 5kg, 250℃ (MCI Method)

Rockwell HardnessTest Conditions: Use of Injection Molded Specimen (ASTM-D150)

Yield StressTest Conditions: 試験速度50mm/ チャック間距離65mm (ASTM-D638)

IZ Impact StrengthConditions of Izod Impact Strength Test: Injection Molded Specimen with Notch (ASTM-D256)

Conformity with Food-Related Standards

Food Packaging Certification in Each Country are as follows. For details of each country, please refer to the TPX Compliance.
Grades of Products: RT18,RT31,DX820,DX845,MBZ230(A)


Physical Properties Table

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MCI Method-1 Moulding Temp.:310 ~ 330°C (depending on the grade)
MCI Method-2 Moulding Temp.:260 ~ 280°C (depending on the grade)
Note: Figures shown here are representative values but not speci ed values.

※ 1 RT31, RT31XB : Low odor grade
※ 2 RT18XB, RT31XB, MX004XB : Blue tint grade ※ 3 Partially Break
※ 4 Not detective by ASTM-D785

Unique Properties