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Risk and Compliance

Risk Prevention Measures

Risk Hotline

Our Risk Hotline enables any Group employee who has obtained information relating to risks, including details of illegal activities going on within the Company, to directly report the matter to and seek advice from the Risk & Compliance Committee or an outside attorney. The hotline is open not only to directors, corporate auditors, and employees, but also to all parties with an interest in the Company’s business activities including the families of employees, contractors at our works or other sites and suppliers. Any and all information relating to risks received through the hotline is immediately and appropriately reported to the Company’s corporate auditors.

【 Reporting and Points of Contact for Advice 】

[ Reports to/consultation with the Company’s Risk & Compliance Committee ]
For the attention of:
The Secretariat, Risk & Compliance Committee
General Affairs/Legal Division
Mitsui Chemicals, Inc.,
Shiodome City Center, 1-5-2, Higashi-Shimbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-7122, Japan
[ Reports to/consultation with external points of contact [attorneys] ]
For the attention of:
Mitsui Chemicals, Inc. Hotline
Daiichifuyo Law Office, Kasumigaseki Building 12F, Kasumigaseki, 3-2-5, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-6012, Japan

Target Case Studies

  • Corruption
  • Bribery
  • Human Rights
  • Employment Environment
  • Environmental Contamination
  • Compliance with Laws and Regulations
  • Procedures Relating to Business Law
  • Other

(Risk Hotline Operational Management)

  • The Company restricts those able to view E-mails and letters received by the Risk & Compliance Committee or the external point of contact to only some of the members of the Committee. Furthermore, those able to view correspondence strictly observe confidentiality with regard to the name or location of any person using the hotline to report or seek advice or to the content of their report, which for the purposes of investigation is not disclosed to anyone other than the minimum number of officers and employees or to attorneys. Internally stipulated regulations safeguard the information against further disclosure or leakage (including the name or location of any person using the hotline to report or seek advice, or acts that would make it easy to ascertain the content of their report).
  • The Company will keep confidential from anyone other than those involved any information relating to those cooperating for the purpose of the investigation or information gained through the investigation.
  • Any person using the hotline to report or seek advice is not to be subject to penalty by reason of having written a report or sought advice. However, this limit will not apply in cases where the person who used the hotline to report or seek advice had done so for the purpose of deceiving others, for example by deliberately conveying false information, or in cases in which a report was made for the purposes of unlawful activities, such as coercion or blackmail.
  • Anonymous reports and requests for advice by letter or E-mail are accepted. However, please be aware that in the event that a person cannot be contacted by the Company, there will be cases where the situation will not be fully understood and steps, such as an appropriate investigation or response, will not be taken.

Risk Hotline Operating Performance

Risk Hotline Operating Performance

Apart from the Risk Hotline, we are operating a system by which a harassment consultant is located at each of our business sites.

Business Continuity Plans (BCPs)

Due to the ever-present risks, such as large-scale disasters, an outbreak of a new type of influenza and large-scale accident at a production site, the Company prepares for crises that may have serious consequences for the Mitsui Chemicals Group, has established a system to promptly and appropriately respond to each function, such as Head Office, production site or supply chain, and formulated a Business Continuity Plan (BCP) to fulfill its supply responsibility to customers.
For the BCP to be executed in the event of a major earthquake in the Tokyo Metropolitan area, the plan establishes certain systems and outlines that, in the event that the Company’s Head Office is unable to operate properly, its functions will be transferred to a main base such as the Osaka Works. An emergency headquarters will quickly establish a chain of command, and emergency customer response centers will be established to provide our customers with support quickly and effectively. BCPs have also been put in place in preparation for an outbreak of any new-type influenza and for a large-scale accident at a production site.
Based on such scenarios as the high probability of a Nankai Trough earthquake and a major earthquake in the Tokyo Metropolitan area, we intend to continue on from fiscal 2017 and again organize extensive BCP training, incorporating flexible measures aligned to changing conditions and situations, while also covering the potential risk of a major earthquake in the Tokyo Metropolitan area in fiscal 2018. Following on from that, we also intend to review regulations and our BCP, focus on raising awareness in the workplace while taking stock of and maintaining essential equipment. At production sites, we regularly conduct earthquake and tsunami readiness training and ensure that safe operational shutdown procedures and employee evacuation systems are in place. From the business management standpoint, we are adopting a range of measures. With regard to some of the important raw materials, we are purchasing from multiple sources and ensuring back-up sources to safeguard the supply chain, building a production system at multiple business sites for the Group’s main products, and maintaining a certain level of inventory.