Visualization of Contributions to the Environment and Society Environmental Contribution Value, Blue Value QOL Improvement Contribution Value, Rose Value

Visualization of Contributions to the Environment and Society

Establishing Blue Value and Rose Value

The Mitsui Chemicals Group’s ideals for a future society are to realize a "cohesive society in harmony with the environment" and "health and happiness in an aging society." In pursuit of this vision, we are presenting in visual form the contributions to the environment and society from the products and services we provide and sharing those values with all stakeholders. What enables this sharing are Blue Value and Rose Value. By adopting Blue Value Index, Mitsui Chemicals Group’s distinctive index used to assess environmental impact, and the Rose Value Index to assess quality of life(QOL) improvement contribution value, we certify products and services according to application with high environmental contribution value and high QOL improvement contribution value as Blue Value and Rose Value products and services, respectively.

Offering value through the Blue Value/ Rose Value chain


  • Visualize the contribution to the environment and society through our business activities
  • Check the contribution of elements according to application in each stage of the product lifecycle
  • Develop and offer products and services with a high contribution value, sharing benefits with stakeholders
  • By building a Blue Value and Rose Value chain, we aim to realize our targeted future society

Review, Certification Process

The proposer nominating the candidate product or service conducts respective advance assessments with Blue Value and Rose Value Index, and then submits the proposal to the secretariat. The Review Board deliberates on the relevance of the subject’s product concept and sales points versus its evaluation criteria, as well as the advantages of the contribution, its level and other factors. Those items that fulfill the standards are certified. Conducting certifications that emphasize fairness and objectivity with regard to assessment method and judgement standards is supported by accepting and utilizing third-party advice. In addition, these third-parties also confirm each review’s details.

Setting of KPIs

We set the ratios to net sales of Blue Value and Rose Value products as one of the key performance indicators (KPIs) under our 2025 Long-term Business Plan. In addition, the Corporate Sustainability Committee deliberates on that progress, and this is tied to business strategy.
The expansion of the product sales ratio of certified products demonstrates steady progress toward realizing the Group’s targeted future society. It is through such initiatives that we offer solutions to achieving sustainable development goals (SDGs) and solving other that confront society. We aim for sustainable development for both the Mitsui Chemicals Group and society.

2025 Long-term Business Plan  Environmental and Social Targets

Sales ratios of Blue Value and Rose Value products

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