Mitsui Chemicals

Environmental Protection

Introduction to Activities at Production Sites

Regional Meetings to Exchange Opinions

Mitsui Chemicals’ production sites hold meetings to exchange opinions with members of local communities regarding its environmental preservation initiatives.

・ Nagoya Works

On 19 April 2016, we held a meeting to exchange opinions regarding efforts to preserve the environment as well as process safety and disaster prevention activities with City Hall personnel and the chairs of six neighborhood school districts. We discussed environmental activities and the state of the environment during the question and answer period and listened to comments and advice in regard to providing assistance to areas hit by disasters such as earthquakes.

・ Iwakuni- Ohtake Works

On 13 July 2016, we welcomed the leaders of the local communities to exchange opinions on activities related to preserving the environment, process safety and disaster prevention, and contributing to the local communities. We received valuable advice that could contribute to enhanced cooperation between Iwakuni- Ohtake Works and the local communities.

・ Omuta Works

On October 14, 2016, we invited residents of the surrounding communities and related government agencies that consistently provide us with guidance to a meeting to exchange opinions, especially on our process safety and disaster prevention initiatives and efforts to provide information during an emergency. Among the opinions we received, some participants thought that “Omuta’s environment has improved; it has become a town free of pollution. I would like to see you working daily to strengthen management and ensure safety in your operations,” and “preventing accidents is the first priority, so I hope you can further strengthen the disaster prevention system.”

Looking ahead, Mitsui Chemicals will strive to make its Works even safer and more secure based on the cooperation with government and neighboring companies as well as the opinions of local residents.

A meeting to exchange opinions at Nagoya Works

A meeting to exchange opinions at Iwakuni- Ohtake Works

A meeting to exchange opinions at Omuta Works