Mitsui Chemicals

Responsible Care Policy and Management

Participating in Industry Association Responsible Care Activities

The Mitsui Chemicals Group is in the position to promote responsible care activities via each country’s chemical industry association.

At the Japan Chemical Industry Association (JCIA), the general manager of the RC & Quality Assurance Division has been a JCIA board member since the 2010 establishment of a Responsible Care Committee and, also since 2010, has worked as a member of the Chemical Management Committee, thereby contributing to the development of responsible care in Japan. In addition, Mitsui Chemicals employees participate as members of exchange meeting working groups in an effort to make contact with JCIA members and, in turn further share best practices for Responsible Care activities.
In May 2018, the president of Mitsui Chemicals assumed the chairmanship of the JCIA.

At the International Council of Chemical Associations (ICCA), the Company’s president has been a director since 2014, and from 2016 the Company’s councilor has included the vice-chairperson of the Responsible Care Leadership Group (RC-LG) and chairman of the Asia-Pacific Responsible Care Organization (APRO). Our employees have also chaired the Joint Capacity Building Task Force of each Leadership Group and the Energy and Climate Change Leadership Group since 2015 and 2018, respectively, and are contributing to the development of international responsible care.