Mitsui Chemicals

Responsible Care Policy and Management

Responsible Care Policy

Mitsui Chemicals has identified certain basic elements of the Responsible Care activities undertaken by the Mitsui Chemicals Group in accordance with the Responsible Care Policy. Through its Responsible Care activities, the Company and Group are committed to addressing the expectations and earning the trust of society as well as the local community while also contributing to the sustainable development of the public at large and the chemical industry.
The Responsible Care Global Charter, which serves as the overarching policy for Responsible Care activities undertaken throughout the world, was revised in 2014. On behalf of the Company, Mitsui Chemicals’ President again signed off on the revised Responsible Care Global Charter.

Based on the ideas of Responsible Care Global Charter, we revised our Responsible Care Policy in September 2015 in order to clarify our intentions and understanding that “safety is our top priority.” With the aim of ensuring that overseas subsidiaries and affiliates gain a better understanding of the Group’s Responsible Care Policy, Mitsui Chemicals provided guidelines in Japanese, English and Chinese. In addition, steps are being taken to translate the Responsible Care Policy into the home language of each overseas subsidiary and affiliate.
In line with revisions to the Responsible Care Policy, portions of the Company’s internal regulations have been revised.

Responsible Care encompasses all of the activities that companies manufacturing or handling chemicals pledge to undertake based on the principles of self-determination and responsibility. Activities span the entire life cycle of each product, from development and manufacturing to transport, use, consumption and disposal, and are aimed at protecting the environment, ensuring process safety, preventing disasters, promoting occupational safety, chemical safety and occupational health, and maintaining quality, as a matter of basic policy. All activities are self-managed, and involve measures and improvements relating to the environment, safety, occupational health and quality.

Parent Company Works Implementation Policy

Guided by the Responsible Care Policy, Mitsui Chemicals’ six production bases (works) have put in place and are carrying out the following implementation policies.

Roll Out to Subsidiaries and Affiliates (Responsible Care Shiodome Manifesto)

President & CEO Tsutomu Tannowa once again signed off on the Responsible Care Global Charter on behalf of Mitsui Chemicals following its revision in 2014 reaffirming the commitment to Responsible Care across the Group as a whole. Deeming it necessary to expand Responsible Care activities to subsidiaries and affiliates in order to fulfill this commitment, Mitsui Chemicals formulated the Responsible Care Shiodome Manifesto as a declaration that promotes the Group’s Responsible Care policy and frameworks for subsidiaries and affiliates based on the articles of the Responsible Care Global Charter. Drafting the Responsible Care Shiodome Manifesto in Japanese as well as English and Chinese to facilitate understanding among local employees, the presidents of all Group subsidiaries and affiliates that fall within the scope of Responsible Care support signed off as an acknowledgement of their commitment.

Responsible Care Shiodome Manifesto