Mitsui Chemicals

Quality of Products and Services

Quality Improvement Initiatives

Improving the Standard of Quality Management

Our efforts to improve quality management standards revolve primarily around quality auditing and training.
The RC & Quality Assurance Division provides all departments within the Mitsui Chemicals Group, including the head office, works, laboratories, and domestic and overseas affiliates, with support in order to improve quality management through quality auditing that takes into consideration the perspectives of customers. In fiscal 2017, audits were conducted on (1) the clarity of responsibility delegation and operations across the supply chain, (2) the identification of latent quality risks and measures aimed at risk reduction, and (3) the integrity of product inspection data as priority areas. Please click the link below to view the results of quality audits in fiscal 2017.

In terms of quality training, we have formulated a training program and are developing employees through e-learning as a platform for ensuring compliance awareness. Covering more than just the Group’s operations in Japan, this training is also implemented for the benefit of overseas subsidiaries and affiliates. As far as compliance is concerned, we are using audits and other initiatives as direct training opportunities and the means to provide reminders. Moreover, we have been implementing frontline measures to prevent quality issues on the shop floor (QRG activities) since fiscal 2010, with the aim of identifying and eliminating risks that could lead to quality issues. These measures are being carried out at all of the Company’s main works and factories while also being rolled out to subsidiaries and affiliates.
We are constantly working to encourage and raise the level of quality awareness on the frontline and give out awards to departments or individuals that have particularly helped to improve frontline quality standards, to coincide with our annual nationwide Quality Month campaign.

Responding to the Voices of Customers

Whenever we receive a complaint from one of our customers regarding our products or services, business and manufacturing divisions together with the Quality Assurance Department work in unison to identify the cause of the complaint and to take corrective action. In this manner, every effort is made to implement preventive measures across the organization as a whole.
As one such initiative, all members of the Quality Assurance Department take the time to go back to the root of any issues and reassess the cause of each complaint, reconsider appropriate countermeasures, and confirm progress. At the same time, energies are channeled toward extracting important case studies, particularly where there is a substantial risk to customers, and where the potential exists for similar cases to arise. These case studies are then shared across the entire Company.
Society’s interest toward the impact of chemical substances on people’s health and the environment continues to rise. Against this backdrop, chemical substance regulations are becoming increasingly stringent with growing importance placed on the higher level of management of products containing chemical substances.
Under these circumstances, the Mitsui Chemicals Group has not only set up an information database in response to inquiries regarding products containing chemical substances from customers, but also established a designated department to undertake appropriate research. Through these means, we are working diligently to reply accurately to each inquiry in a timely manner.

Customer-specific Initiatives:
Initiatives Aimed at Ensuring Statutory, Regulatory, and Authentication Compliance

The Mitsui Chemicals Group takes steps to ensure compliance with all applicable statutory, regulatory, and authentication requirements on an individual product application basis and conducts internal risk assessments before bringing a particular product to market. From fiscal 2015, we established a designated group to address compliance issues in connection with laws and regulations related to pharmaceutical affairs including medical instruments and authentication. With this designated group taking the lead, every effort is made to confirm the safety and efficacy of products. Steps are also taken to strictly comply with all statutory and regulatory requirements. Moreover, we look to confirm the status of statutory, regulatory, and authentication compliance through periodic inspections after products have been launched.