Mitsui Chemicals

Quality of Products and Services

The Mitsui Chemicals Group is providing products and services that foster satisfaction while responding to the trust of customers by continually improving the level of its quality management based on its Responsible Care Policy.

Management System


Under our Responsible Care Policy, we have identified details of our quality system and other key issues such as PDCA procedures as basic matters concerning quality management in our internal regulations. In carrying out the appropriate procedures, we are providing products and services that satisfy customers while earning their trust.

In conjunction with the global expansion of the Group’s business, we have identified specific principles for global quality management in order to ensure a uniform awareness toward the basic level of quality. Steps are being taken to roll out these principles across the Group as a whole.

The Mitsui Chemicals Group’s Global Quality Management Principles

The Mitsui Chemicals Group makes every effort to increase customer satisfaction via a two-pronged approach to quality management, based on quality control ("built-in quality activities"*1) and quality assurance ("activities that win over customers’ trust"*2). In this regard, the Company has identified the following principles.

1.Provide customer-oriented products and services

2.Ensure objective and transparent quality assurance

3.Put in place a framework that allows the stable supply of products

4.Create a more open corporate culture

Built-in quality activities:
Our built-in quality activities are aimed at minimizing discrepancies at every stage of the process, including purchasing, design, logistics, and sales as well as manufacturing, to enable every department to provide the same quality of product and service.
Activities that win over customers’ trust:
Our activities that win over customers’ trust meanwhile are aimed at resolving issues from the customer's perspective, and are spearheaded by the Quality Assurance Department, independently of our sales and manufacturing sections.

Quality Management Philosophy

System and Responsible Officers

With the president assuming ultimate responsibility for quality management, the RC & Quality Assurance Division controls quality management for the entire Mitsui Chemicals Group in Japan and overseas. Under this structure, every effort is made to improve product and service quality in all divisions and further raise customer satisfaction.

Business divisions, the Logistics and Purchasing divisions, Works, and laboratories are responsible for quality control. The RC & Quality Assurance Division is responsible for quality assurance. As the heads of each division, general managers engage in quality management.

Quality Management System and Responsible Officers

Monitoring Methods

Quality Management

Steps are taken to identify quality audit program and priority audit items and to confirm the status of quality management implementation across the Group as a whole. A review of certain items including observations raised during fiscal year-end audits is undertaken. The results of this review are reflected in the audit program for the following fiscal year.

Quality of Products

In addition to systematically collating customer complaints, steps are taken to monitor the details, causes, and each customer’s response with respect to each complaint. After analyzing the information gleaned on a monthly basis, the results are shared within the Group. After conducting a review of complaints over the year, quality targets are identified for the following fiscal year.

Goals and Results

KPI Scope of Compilation FY2017 FY2018 Medium to Long-term
Goals Results Level
Goals Goals
Incidence of customer non-conformance Mitsui Chemicals Group Less than 10ppm
Number of complaints for which the Company is responsible Mitsui Chemicals, Inc. Reduce by at least 10%
Reduced by 15%
Reduce by at
least 10%
A deemed level of zero complaints
Number of complaints where a risk has been identified in line with the Company’s criteria included in the number of complaints for which the Company is responsible Mitsui Chemicals, Inc. Less than 20% of the total 17% of the total Less than 20% of the total A deemed level of zero complaints
Number of PL accidents Mitsui Chemicals Group 0 0 0 0
Number of major quality-related legal and regulatory violations Mitsui Chemicals Group 0 0 0 0

Review and Challenges

Owing mainly to efforts aimed at uncovering the underlying cause of each complaint and the implementation of measures designed to prevent any recurrence promoted horizontally across the Group, successful steps were taken to reduce the number of quality-related complaints on an ongoing basis and curtail any incidence by at least 10% in fiscal 2017 compared with the previous fiscal year.
In addition, every effort is being made to explain the Group’s Global Quality Management Principles, put in place in 2015, on an ongoing basis and to nurture awareness toward quality and compliance within the Group through audits and training sessions.
Looking ahead, customer-oriented and advanced quality control will become essential due to the growing trend toward globalization and increased product performance. With this in mind, we will work to build a quality management system that can address this and win over the trust of customers.