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In order to maintain and increase efforts aimed at protecting the environment and ensuring safety and quality with respect to the logistics function, it is important to not only gain the cooperation of the Group’s business site, but also across the supply chain. Here at the Mitsui Chemicals Group, we carry out a wide range of initiatives to ensure that our products are safe and transported in a manner that takes into consideration the environment.

Management System


The Mitsui Chemicals Group has established “Off-premise Logistics Environment, Safety, and Quality Management Bylaws” based on its Responsible Care Policy and Company-wide regulations for risk management. Moreover, the Group complies with all related legal and regulatory requirements and has put in place various initiatives including logistics accident countermeasures. Logistics subcontractors are also required to comply with the Group’s bylaws.

System and Responsible Officers

With the responsible director in charge, the Logistics Division sets targets for the fiscal year based on results (number of accidents, complaints, etc.) up to the previous year. Various measures (audit of logistics subcontractors, training, on-site discussion, campaigns, etc.) are incorporated into the annual plan with definitive steps then taken to implement a PDCA cycle. The Logistics Division reports on logistics performance as well as the progress of annual plans while promoting the exchange of opinions through various means including regular meetings with the Responsible Care Committee and the responsible director in charge of the Logistics Division.

Monitoring Methods

Among a host of measures, steps are taken to conduct a Logistics Division Responsible Care audit of the Group’s business sites and logistics subcontractors based on specific criteria and a checklist that is prepared in advance. In this manner, every effort is made to monitor the progress of annual logistics Responsible Care plans. The results of the aforementioned measures and audit are reported to all relevant logistics-related parties and proper action taken.

Goals and Results

KPI Scope of Compilation FY2017 FY2018 Medium to Long-term
Goals Results Level
Goals Goals
Number of work-related significant occupational injuries*1 in logistics Mitsui Chemicals Group 0 × 0 0
Number of major accidents*2 in logistics Mitsui Chemicals Group 0 0 0 0
Number of issues impacting customers*3 Mitsui Chemicals Group Less than 24 20 Less than 20 Less than 90%
(average of the most recent three years)
Incidence of issues impacting customers*3 Mitsui Chemicals Group Less than 50ppm 42ppm Less than 40ppm Less than 30ppm
Number of complaints Mitsui Chemicals Group Less than 7 5 Less than 7
Number of legal and regulatory violations Mitsui Chemicals Group 0 0 0 0
Work-related significant occupational injuries in logistics:
Work-related significant occupational injuries that occurred during logistics activities undertaken by the Mitsui Chemicals Group including across the supply chain.
Major accident in logistics:
Major accident that occurred during logistics activities undertaken by the Mitsui Chemicals Group including across the supply chain.
Issues impacting customers:
Quality issues (including complaints) and accidents that impacted customers.

Review and Challenges

The number of complaints and issues impacting customers is in a decline owing mainly to such efforts as training, measures aimed at increasing awareness, campaigns as well as monthly and weekly reports.
Meanwhile, there were two work-related significant occupational injuries at subcontractors in fiscal 2017. As a preventive measure, steps have been taken to reconfirm areas of potential danger as well as operations at all Works and to implement safety measures for facilities. In addition, thoroughgoing efforts are being made to prevent any recurrence. This includes the update, promotion of increased awareness and training measures regarding dangerous location maps, a review of dangerous operations and procedures, and the strengthening of patrols.