Mitsui Chemicals

Social Activities

Working in Harmony with Local Communities

At each of its business sites, the Mitsui Chemicals Group believes that relationships of trust, based on close-knit relations with everyone in the local area, are crucial to the normal and stable operation of its businesses. The Group thus provides opportunities for communication with everyone in the vicinity of its facilities.

Local Communication at Each Business Site

At each of our business sites, we invite local residents living in the vicinity to opinion exchange meetings and tours of our facilities. At the opinion exchange meetings, we provide an overview of the works and showcase our efforts to protect the environment, safety initiatives and activities designed to contribute to society. Lively discussions have ensued from residents living in the vicinity of our facilities speaking about their day-to-day feelings and any requests they had. We would like to reflect everyone’s opinions and requests in the management of our business sites.
We are working to further deepen mutual understanding by holding events and actively taking part in local events.

Opinion Exchange Meetings and Facility Tours

Site Name Date Those for Whom Meeting / Tour Organized Details
Ichihara Works Nov. 10, 2017 Local women's association ・Summarized explanation of plant
・Plant tour
Dec. 1, 2017 All neighboring town representatives ・Introduction to Safety and Environment Initiatives
・Plant tour
・A meeting to exchange opinions
Ichihara Works
Mobara Branch Factory
Feb. 17, 2018 Local elementary schools ・Technology Training Center tour
・Conducted Laboratory Class on the Wonders of Chemistry
Nagoya Works Aug. 9, 2017 Children's clubs from neighboring school districts ・Plant tour
・Conducted Laboratory Class on the Wonders of Chemistry
Sept. 14, 2017 Nagoya City, Minami Ward Lifelong Learning Center ・Plant tour
Nov. 13, 2017 Officers from neighboring school districts ・Plant tour
Feb. 27, 2018 Women's associations from neighboring school districts ・Plant tour
Mar. 22, 2018 Heads (men and women) of neighboring school district associations, ward office staff ・A meeting to exchange opinions
(About environmental protection and process safety as well as disaster prevention initiatives, dialogue with local communities, etc.)
Osaka Works Jun. 2, 2017 Local neighborhood council officers ・Plant overview and explanation on such matters as safety and disaster prevention activities
・Plant tours
・Meetings to exchange opinions
Mar. 3, 2018
Oct.-Nov. 2018 (Total of 7 times) Local elementary schools ・Summarized explanation of plant
・Fire fighting facilities and plant tours
・Conducted Laboratory Class on the Wonders of Chemistry
Iwakuni-Ohtake Works July 6, 2017 Heads of local neighborhood councils and those in charge of volunteer disaster response organizations ・A meeting to exchange opinions
Omuta Works Oct. 13, 2017 Related parties of local neighborhood councils ・Plant overview and explanation on such matters as safety and disaster prevention activities
・A meeting to exchange opinions
Aug.-Sept. 2017 (Total of 4 times) Local residents ・Plant tour
Sodegaura Center Feb. 15, 2017 Local neighborhood council officers ・Summarized explanation of business sites and R&D
・Tour inside the Center
・Introduction to safety and environmental initiatives

Plant tour (Ichihara Works)

Holding of a chemistry laboratory class on the wonders of chemistry
(Ichihara Works Mobara Branch)

Meeting to exchange opinions
(Nagoya Works)

Sponsoring youth baseball tournament
(Osaka Works)

Meeting to exchange opinions
(Iwakuni-Ohtake Works)

Participating in the Daijayama Festival
(Omuta Works)

Tour inside the Sodegaura Center

Participation in "Fureai" Programs and Concerts

We have been providing support for the activities carried out by the "Fureai (Friendship) Trio," which brings classical music to people throughout Japan, since 2003.
The Fureai Trio undertakes support activities in the areas of education, culture and welfare. There are three mainstay activities: "Fureai Programs" aimed at elementary school children who rarely get the opportunity to experience live music; "Fureai Concerts" designed to get more people interested in classical music; and "Fureai Markets" held in conjunction with social welfare facilities. To date, the trio has put on more than 450 performances in towns and cities around Japan.
In fiscal 2017 as well, employees and their families volunteered to assist with performances for audiences primarily made up of people with disabilities in Osaka and Tokyo. The participants provided general assistance and helped members of the audience to share in the wonders of classical music, through activities such as trying to play the violin.

A "Fureai" Concert

The "Fureai" Program