Mitsui Chemicals

Working with Our Suppliers

Here at the Mitsui Chemicals Group, we regard all of our suppliers as good partners. We always purchase items from our suppliers fairly and in good faith so as to ensure mutually sustainable growth.

Purchasing Policy

The Mitsui Chemicals Group engages in purchasing activities based on the Mitsui Chemicals Group Purchasing Policy formulated in April 2006. Details of this policy are being conveyed to suppliers.

The Mitsui Chemicals Group verifies the status of sustainable activities when starting transactions with new suppliers as well as periodically with our current suppliers depending on transaction details. This involves confirming a wide range of specifics that include environmental protection, occupational safety, quality assurance, corporate governance, fair transactions, human rights, and information security. In addition, we evaluate supplier companies based on the results of these surveys and offer guidance on making improvements as needed. In the case that there are compliance violations and other significant discrepancies at suppliers, we will take steps to address these issues in accordance with established standards.

The Mitsui Chemicals Group Purchasing Policy

As we rely on our suppliers to help us to enhance the Group's corporate value through our purchasing activities, we regard all of our suppliers as good partners. We always deal with our suppliers fairly and in good faith and make every effort to ensure the mutually sustainable development of our corporate activities. As such, all purchasing divisions within the Mitsui Chemicals Group engage in purchasing activities in accordance with the following Purchasing Policy.

1.Legal compliance
We will strictly comply with all laws and social norms as part of our purchasing activities.
2.Equal opportunities and transparency
We will be wide open with our suppliers, both domestic and overseas, and provide equal opportunities for fair trade in good faith.
3.Harmony with the environment
We will endeavor to purchase goods and materials that have less impact on the environment.
4.CSR-oriented selection
When selecting suppliers, we will give priority to and seek to build stronger partnerships with companies that satisfy the following requirements.
  • Strict compliance with laws and social norms
  • Respect for human rights and consideration for working environments
  • Commitment to environmental preservation and safety assurance
  • Sound management
  • Commitment to maintaining and improving appropriate standards in areas such as quality, price and delivery dates

The Company’s procedures leading up to supplier transactions follow the basic processes listed below.

Purchase transaction flow