Report on the Fourth Mitsui Chemicals International Symposium on Catalysis Science (MICS2009)

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Invited Lecture

Prof. Yasuhiro Iwasawa (The University of Tokyo, Japan)

Chemical Design and Dynamic Structures on Catalyst Surfaces for Innovative Processes
Prof. Yasuhiro Iwasawa

Prof. Iwasawa is a leading authority on solid surface science and catalysis and has developed proprietary methodologies for elucidating the surface chemistry of heterogeneous catalysts at the atomic level that could not be analyzed using conventional methods.

In this lecture, Prof. Iwasawa introduced some examples of proton transfer that play a significant role in many chemical and biological processes in fuel cells and enzymatic reactions, and atomic-level characterizations of metal oxide surfaces that are of great interest to those who work in the catalysis and nanotechnology fields. He also talked about the catalytic mechanism behind the direct oxidation of benzene to phenol as revealed by in-situ time-resolved XAFS*.

In-situ time-resolved XAFS: A method to observe the reaction points on the surface of heterogeneous catalysts by X-ray analysis.

Chairperson; Prof. Kazuyuki Tatsumi
(Nagoya University, Japan)

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