Report on the Fourth Mitsui Chemicals International Symposium on Catalysis Science (MICS2009)

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Invited Lecture

Prof. Kyriacos C. Nicolaou
(The Scripps Research Institute and the University of California, San Diego, U.S.A.)

Catalysis in Total Synthesis
Kyriacos C. Nicolaou

Prof. Nicolaou is a world authority on the total synthesis of complex and large natural products affecting the fields of organic synthesis, chemical biology, and medical advancements.

Prof. Nicolaou’s lecture highlighted applications of catalytic reactions as represented by cross-coupling and metathesis reactions (useful for molecular frame formation) or asymmetric catalytic reactions (useful for the building of chiral centers) in total synthesis and demonstrated how such endeavors lead to the discovery and development of new catalytic reactions for chemical synthesis.

Chairperson; Prof. Keisuke Suzuki
(Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan)

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