Report on the Fourth Mitsui Chemicals International Symposium on Catalysis Science (MICS2011)

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Invited Lecture

Prof. Kazunari Domen (The University of Tokyo, Japan)

Water Splitting on Heterogeneous Photocatalysts
Prof. Kazunari Domen

Follow what you believe with grim determination and patience!

Prof. Domen is a leading authority on hydrogen production from water using heterogeneous photocatalysts and has promoted the development of photocatalysts for efficient solar energy conversion. Although titanium oxide, tantalum and niobium are generally used in this field, Prof. Domen decided to focus on (oxy)nitrides of gallium or germanium for the development of photocatalysts, and this has resulted in water splitting by the use of visible light existent within solar light.

In the lecture, the art and future challenges of photocatalytic water splitting using visible light as a result of employing solid solution photocatalysts such as GaN-ZnO and ZnGeN2-ZnO, in addition to the Z-scheme photocatalyst systems mimicking photosynthesis in green plants, were given.

Chairperson; Prof. Takashi Tatsumi
(Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan)

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