Singapore International Symposium 2006 (SIS 2006)

President, Mitsui Chemicals, Inc. Kenji Fujiyoshi

It is a great pleasure to express my sincere gratitude to the members of EDB, Economic Development Board, and A*STAR, the Agency for Science, Technology and Research. Mitsui Chemicals jointly organizes Singapore International Symposium with these two governmental agencies of Singapore.

The 21st century is so called an Asian era. Particularly, Singapore plays a central role for diverse research institutes and enterprises in Asia and succeeds in achieving a remarkable growth.

Mitsui Chemicals proactively engages in "promoting cooperative relationships between research institutes and enterprises in the fields of advanced materials and chemicals in Asia", that is also a main purpose of this symposium. We think of establishing a global network beyond the frameworks of industry and academia as well as states in order to create unprecedented "knowledge".

At this symposium, we invite distinguished professors and researchers around the world in areas of advanced materials and chemicals for the speech. Mitsui Chemicals will also present functional materials and products in poster session along with the research institute of A*STAR.

It is our first time to hold this kind of international symposium in Asia. I believe the symposium will provide a meaningful place and excellent opportunity for creating new knowledge through extensive interchange of the participated enterprises and researchers from Singapore and other Asian countries. Moreover, we hope we will further strengthen cooperative relationships with Asian companies.

January 2006

Kenji Fujiyoshi
Kenji Fujiyoshi
President, Mitsui Chemicals, Inc.

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