Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance

Mitsui Chemicals takes pride in its responsible corporate governance and high ethical standards and integrity. Discover how we protect the interests of our shareholders and all stakeholders.

Corporate Governance Guidelines

The Mitsui Chemicals Group Corporate Governance Guideline outlines the Group's fundamental policies and efforts in relation to corporate governance.

Corporate Governance Guidelines (PDF : 67.3KB) PDF

Corporate Governance Report

Mitsui Chemicals reports on its corporate governance and how it protects the rights of its shareholders.

Corporate Governance (PDF: 225.9KB)PDF

Implementation of Corporate Governance Measures

Mitsui Chemicals internal governance includes recognizing the importance of the Corporate Auditors’ function, establishment of a Management Audit Division, an internal auditing office, and establishment and maintenance of the Risk Management Committee.

Mitsui Chemicals Group Action Guidelines

Mitsui Chemicals Group members are taught to always act with integrity. The Action Guidelines shows Mitsui Chemicals commitment to society and how it hopes to contribute to member of the world community.

Mitsui Chemicals Group CSR Activities

An important part of the Mitsui Chemicals Group Corporate Mission is to contribute to society. To become and continue to be “a good and trustworthy company”, that earns the trust of its stakeholders and in which its employees take pride, we believe it is important that we contribute to the wellbeing of our stakeholders and society as a whole.