The Mitsui Chemicals Group's 2025 Long-Term Business Plan

In 2017, Mitsui Chemicals will celebrate the 20th anniversary of its establishment in 1997.
On this occasion, we have been discussing what must be continued and what must be changed for the Group to ensure further growth. At the same time, we have incorporated which activities we should engage in and what kind of contributions we should make in our 2025 Long-Term Business Plan as a part of efforts to realize our Corporate Mission.

In order to achieve this plan, it is vital that we aggressively take on difficult challenges.

Through this plan, I hope that you will understand and identify with our targeted future society and how we will contribute to it as a company. As we work toward achieving our goals, I would also ask that you continue to support us in creating a better society.

Progress of the Long-Term Business Plan
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