Joanah Quiapo

“My career with the company has given me much room to grow,
expand and develop both professionally and personally.”

Joanah Quiapo

Country experience / America
Product experience / Admer, Tafmer, Hizex, TPX, Apel, Mipelon, Lubmer,Milex, Milastomer, EPT, Pocat, Tenchu, Unistole, Chemipearl, Excerex, FTR, Hiwax

I currently handle domestic (US) and bulk shipments with accuracy, monthly inventory reconciliation, logistics support, sales and marketing.

My career has given me an opportunity to grow, expand and develop both professionally and personally. This is largely due to the fact that Mitsui Chemicals is a diverse organization where employees exhibit talent, drive, dedication and professionalism.

There are different reasons why I enjoy working for Mitsui. Firstly, its diversity. I enjoy being part of a diversity team that comes from different background and ideas. Everyone extends their support to one another. This makes us a unique culture.
Secondly, I find it rewarding because the company offers competitive compensation for its employees. In addition, one of the favourite events that I always look forward to is the annual Halloween costume party where employees share their creative and fun side. And lastly, it’s quality. Because Mitsui Chemicals is known worldwide for manufacturing high quality products ranging from specialty plastics, automotive to health care supplies; there is a sense of pride to work for a company that strives for high quality and excellence on every product we make. That makes it enjoyable to work on a daily basis.