Be inspired by what our people have to share

We believe that people are our precious asset, and you will be surprised to know how our people are talented, motivated, and diversified. There are about 14,200 employees in Mitsui Chemicals Group.
Their backgrounds, professions, working sites, characters are so diversified, but we are working as one family. Please see how our members enjoy working in MCI group.

  • Hazmi Bin Othman
  • Shantanu Das
  • Kim Nguyen
  • Shussen Krishnakumar
  • Mock Siew Fai
  • Subhajit Bhattacharjee
  • Joanah Quiapo
  • Yang Xin Cindy
  • Sanjeev Katoch
  • Dominik Jürgen-Lohmann
  • Van Benson
  • Abhineet Shrivastava
  • Dinh Hoang Yen
  • Mizue Kuriyagawa
  • Kenchi Morizono
  • Dr. Milica Šimić
  • Anne Ebert
  • Silke Gall