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MCI people in our Manufacturing & Engineering (M&E) organization ensure that our products are made in a safe, environmentally responsible, efficient, and cost effective manner in production plants around the world. They also ensure that these plants are built, operated and well maintained.

The broad scope of Manufacturing & Engineering offers employees in the function the opportunities to explore different work experiences, job roles, project assignments, locations and cultures. As a result of the function’s involvement in a multitude of businesses, our people gain experience with many unique chemistries and unit operations, technical expertise to support and advance the company’s technologies as well as exposure to customers and markets.

Employees in Production serve as a technical resource to assist operations teams in daily plant operations. Key areas of emphasis are maintaining and improving environmental, health, and safety (EH&S) performance, product quality, operating costs, and all aspects of plant technical performance such as yield, energy efficiency, and production rates.
Employees in Maintenance provide engineering support to solve equipment related issues that reduce overall production rates in manufacturing facilities. Maintenance/Reliability engineers provide technical expertise which results in the increase of mechanical reliability of equipment in the production unit. Maintenance engineers support maintenance and repair of mechanical equipment. They work closely with the plant maintenance group to develop the best immediate repair methods for equipment. Reliability Engineers utilize reliability and predictive tools & technology to help prevent unexpected equipment outages that minimize the long-term cost of ownership. Reliability Engineers lead and/or participate in root cause failure investigations of the mechanical equipment and work on improving operating discipline to maintain long-term equipment reliability of MCI assets.
Employees in Engineering and Construction are focused on designing and implementing projects of varying sizes, including construction of new chemical manufacturing plants and support facilities as well as projects to improve existing assets.
MCI’s chemical process technologies are managed by employees in our global Technology Centers who provide the technical expertise to support, develop and advance the company’s technologies globally.


Marketing & Sales teams at MCI collaborate with thousands of customers, markets and industries in more than 160 countries to bring innovative MCI solutions and science to millions of households all over the world.

In addition to building strong relationships with customers, our teams blend a deep understanding of the market with MCI science and technology to consistently exceed the needs of the world's leading industries and growing megatrends. MCI is widely recognized for continuously delivering best-in-class solutions, products, and services.

Our Marketing & Sales teams continuously seek talented and passionate people to join our team of Solutionists. Come explore how you can contribute your expertise, grow your capabilities and make a difference at MCI. Apply for a full-time position with MCI or consider joining our team through our Marketing Internship, Commercial Summer Internship, Marketing Assignments Program, and Commercial Development Program.


Research & Development at MCI is at the forefront of delivering innovative solutions to some of the world’s toughest challenges, and attracts some of the finest researchers from around the world to its state-of-the-art facilities. As a company of Solutionists, we rethink what is possible at the molecular level to create breakthrough products and processes that impact the world around us. MCI scientists and engineers are among the most decorated in the industry for product discoveries, advancements, and lifetime achievements. Researchers collaborate on cutting-edge technology to develop sustainable market-driven scientific and technical innovations

Work on the discovery of new technologies and the enhancement of current product platforms to create the products of the future.
Researchers help to assess customer needs and either match current product solutions to meet their needs or create innovative new products for emerging requirements.
Support customer needs by helping to develop new products and providing technical knowledge on the use, handling and management of MCI products.


Supply Chain at MCI supports the flow of materials into MCI for manufacturing, on-site logistics operations, and deliveries to our customers. MCI employees in Supply Chain provide transportation management services as well as safe and reliable product handling in compliance with regulatory requirements.


MCI employs more than 400 people in Purchasing around the world. These employees are dedicated to delivering substantial and sustainable competitive advantage to MCI businesses and customers. We manage the purchasing and payment of more than $68.5 billion in goods and services each year in over 160 countries.


Finance at MCI is a vibrant global community where our diverse group of top caliber people collaborate in an inclusive environment to make a difference in all that we do. Our team taps leading-edge technologies and best-in-class financial processes to perform corporate, business and regional roles. Finance people in corporate roles focus on strategic planning, capital structure, risk management, work processes, technologies and corporate governance issues. Those in business roles bring finance expertise to MCI's global businesses, while those in the regions are responsible for the deployment, compliance and implementation of work processes at the local level.

Responsible for providing world-class transaction processing and reporting — both externally for shareholders and internally, for our global businesses, functions and geographies. Also provides consultative, interpretive analysis and support focused on improving global business performance.
Assesses internal controls and processes, identifying opportunities to make improvements and reduce risk. Works with all levels of MCI people around the world in areas such as Commercial, Manufacturing, Information Systems and Purchasing as well as other Finance sub-functions.
Provides the investment community with timely, credible information on MCI's strategy and performance to increase interest in MCI equity and fixed income instruments and to enhance shareholder value. Also works with Senior Leadership to ensure they understand the investment community's views of MCI, including industry issues and the competitive environment.
Focuses on tax planning, managing tax risks including income tax audits and tax litigation around the world, financial reporting for taxes and internal controls and providing excellence in tax compliance. Tax is a global function and interacts with business leaders and key functions on mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures and significant business transactions.
Global function within MCI that ensures the Company's financial flexibility allowing the Company to meet business and corporate strategies. In addition, Treasury works closely with executive management to manage risk holistically by employing enterprise wide risk management methodology. The Treasury processes strive for excellence and innovation in each of the key financial activities: cash management, corporate risk management, credit risk management, financial asset management, financing and insurance.
Accounting professionals are responsible for the financial planning and reporting for the entire company as we address the global market’s need for food, energy and protection. They possess an unsurpassed attention to detail that allows them to effectively strategize, implement and monitor our global business goals. We’re looking for more people, in more places, to work efficiently, collaboratively, and with the highest integrity.
We offer career opportunities in Finance and Accounting to those with undergraduate degrees in Accounting and/or Finance (with nine credits or more in Accounting preferred). Finance also recruits MBAs (preferably with undergraduate degree in Accounting or Finance, but other disciplines are considered). MCI Finance provides challenging assignments and exposure to several facets of the Finance organization.


Human Resources provides MCI leaders and employees with best-in-class people processes, programs and services. Our ultimate goal is to deliver against MCI’s people vision of “the world’s best people, working together to make a difference.

HR professionals at all levels of the organization are leaders who collaborate with MCI businesses, functions and geographies to solve and drive key decisions to support the company’s aspirations. Working side by side with leaders, MCI’s HR professionals also gain global experience by collaborating with colleagues from various geographic regions on a regular basis, allowing for each job to be a development opportunity of its own.

Provides expertise to develop competitive compensation and benefits practices to support talent attraction, retention, recognition and ultimately, organizational success
Serve as trusted partners and consultants to global businesses, functions and geographies. Provide support to implement HR practices that invest in MCI people and enable the creation of solutions that reshape our world.
Provides relocation counsel and support to employees who accept development assignments outside their home location
Designs, develops and implements world-class, global information systems and solutions to enhance HR organizational effectiveness and business success. Serves as experts in providing technology solutions for HR tasks and initiatives.
Serve as trusted partners and consultants to senior leaders within the global businesses and functions to determine the people strategy within MCI. Provide consultation to others in HR to establish practices that invest in MCI people and enable the creation of solutions that reshape our world.
Provides targeted recruiting expertise, programs, and procedures to attract, select and deploy the best talent to create innovative solutions that respond to the world’s challenges. Also works to continuously strengthen MCI’s employer reputation.
Provides consultation on leadership effectiveness and employee development to align with MCI's culture of investing to bring out the best in people. Develops and implements learning resources across the company and designs and implements MCI’s Performance Management Systems.
Serves as strategic experts to ensure that the right talent is in the right place at the right time. Plans for future workforce needs by analyzing internal and external talent.
Provides consultation on organizational design and effectiveness. Optimizes work processes to enhance flexibility and change readiness in promotion of MCI’s culture of innovation.


We have a full spectrum of job roles in the Information Systems department of Mitsui Chemicals. The different roles and functions include positions in IT architecture, operations, information security, project management, service management and solution development.

You may find challenging and meaningful work in Technology Architecture. Tap your creativity to design ways to take MCI forward by researching and designing information technology platforms to enhance productivity at MCI.
You may find challenging and meaningful work in Operations where you direct proper execution of the MCI network, intranet and equipment to make sure it is stable and working smoothly.
Information Security is an evolving field that enables MCI to stop and contain threats before they have an impact on the company by preserving the integrity of MCI information
The Project and Support Center is a major enabler of corporate change in technology, and is responsible for rolling out exciting shifts in our technology portfolio at MCI by planning and executing the implementation of enterprise-wide technology upgrades.
Service Management is a frontline organization that makes sure that all MCI employees have the technology tools they need when they need them.
Design and develop the technology and application components of MCI IT solutions.


Attorneys, paralegals and patent agents are among the professionals in MCI’s Legal Department providing counsel to our company on a wide range of legal and ethical issues facing international businesses. The Legal team ensures that MCI conducts its affairs in a legal manner around the globe and its intellectual property is protected.


The WorkPlace Services (WPS) function at MCI is responsible for the management and daily operations of MCI lab and office facilities, execution of facility-related projects, development of global standards, and management of MCI’s real estate portfolio.

Local Facilities Management (FM) teams work with the corporate expertise center to offer a range of project management and operational services to help meet the needs of MCI’s businesses and functions. WPS partners with the Human Resources and Information Technology functions to develop workplace strategies and environments that maximize space utilization and enhance team collaboration