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Social Activities

Nurturing Future Generations

The future rests on the shoulders of adolescents and children. With that in mind, we carry out various activities aimed at teaching the young that chemicals are all around us, and showing them how fun, interesting and mystifying chemistry can be, as well as getting them interested in science, and inspiring them to create the technologies of the future.

Cosponsoring of Robotics Competition

Mitsui Chemicals cosponsored the Japanese portion of "FIRST LEGO League 2017* (FLL 2017),” the world's largest robotics competition. In line with our social activities policies aimed at fostering the next generation as well as the active promotion of development in a wide range of robot materials, the Company endorses FLL's idea of "providing children with an opportunity to experience the excitement of solving issues in the real world while applying mathematics, science and technology."

In addition to cosponsoring the Japanese portion of "FIRST LEGO League 2017 (FLL 2017)," Mitsui Chemicals created an exhibition booth at the event and introduced a wide range of robot materials manufactured by the company. The Company also exhibited examples of its Laboratory Classes on the Wonders of Chemistry and conducted experiments in oil adsorption using the performance nonwoven fabric TAFNEL Oil Blotter in tune with the “Hydro Dynamics” theme of FLL 2017 at the competition held on February 11, 2017.

FIRST LEGO League 2017:
FIRST LEGO League is one of the world's largest robotics competitions sponsored by FIRST, a nonprofit organization in the United States, and the LEGO Group (the Japanese championship is sponsored by For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology). FLL is currently held in more than 88 countries around the world, and the number of students participating in FLL is more than 260,000. Two to 10 children make a team to participate in the robotics competition and conduct scientific research and its presentation based on the theme of the competition. Top teams at the championship in each country will qualify for the world competition.



Mitsui Chemicals’ boothMitsui Chemicals’ booth

Receiving Internship Trainees

The Mitsui Chemicals Group accepts internship trainees at each of its offices and business affiliates. Internship training was undertaken for 201 interns at Group companies in fiscal 2017.

Shimonoseki Mitsui Chemicals, Inc.

For four days beginning on 13 February 2018, Mitsui Chemicals affiliate Shimonoseki Mitsui Chemicals, Inc. accepted as interns three students studying applied chemical engineering at Shimonosekikogyo High School in Yamaguchi Prefecture. The company provides this opportunity each year so that students can learn about the rigors, enjoyment, and significance of work in the field, and to provide a place for self-improvement.
Two of the students learned about the structure and flow of the manufacturing facilities, as well as safety-related initiatives, while the remaining student focused on product analysis and the importance of quality. In discussing their impressions, the students noted that, “safety appeared the number one priority”, “they were able to learn about the importance of quality control and the day-to-day management of the manufacturing process” and “they were excited to be able to work with analysis equipment they had never seen before at school.”

Internship training

P.T. Petnesia Resindo(PNR)

Mitsui Chemicals affiliate P.T. Petnesia Resindo(PNR)accepts local students as interns every year. In fiscal 2017, the company accepted two university students from January to March and two high school students from September to November. Focusing on fostering human resources and promoting generational change, PNR sets the internship period at about one to two months with the goal of discovering and nurturing those with the talent to become managers in the future.
Operations at PNR are focused mainly on manufacturing and selling PET resins used in PET bottles. Students participating in the program are trained in the manufacturing department, learning about the PET resin production process, from raw materials through to the polymerization reaction process. Under the supervision of PNR, the students produce long-term training reports. The university the students attend accepts these as thesis reports and together with PNR maintains the reports for future use.

Internship trainee (left) and PNR employees

Intern paper describing the training

Cooperation in Experiential Study Programs for Teachers

The Company held Experiential Study Programs for Teachers from August 2, 2017. Sponsored by the Japan Institute for Social and Economic Affairs, these training sessions date back to 1983. Geared towards teachers from elementary, junior high and high schools, the aim is for them to experience corporate activities, and to convey these experiences to the children who hold the future in their hands. The Company has participated in this program every year since fiscal 2006.
This year, six teachers from elementary schools in the Tokyo metropolitan area participated. At the Head Office, the educators learned more about the Group’s corporate philosophy, Responsible Care initiatives, and human resources development. They also saw a demonstration of the Laboratory Class on the Wonders of Chemistry. They visited the production site at the Ichihara works and participated in hands-on laboratory training at the Mitsui Chemicals Plant Operation Technology Training Center. The educators and researches at the Plant Operation Technology Training Center engaged in a lively exchange of opinions, including on the importance of “experience and feeling” as well as “taking notice of and giving thought to something.”

An educator training session at the Plant Operation Technology Training Center