R&D Policy and Strategy

Research and Development(R&D)Basic Policy

To help resolve a variety of social challenges that face us in areas covering the environment, resources, energy, and food. Resolving these challenges will take us a long way towards ensuring the sustainable development of society and improving the health and happiness of people in an aging society.

Research and Development(R and D)Basic Policy

Research and Development(R&D)Strategy

R&D is focused on three specific market domains: Mobility, Healthcare, and Food & Packaging. We will integrate our Group’s core technologies with external technologies to develop materials, parts and components, end products, and system services. We will pursue customer satisfaction through innovation, explore customer needs, and realize new demands.

Every possible mode of human and commodity transportation, such as automobiles and robots
Domains that help improve the quality of life, such as those related to the eyes, mouth, hygiene, medical treatment, and diagnosis
Food & packaging:
Agrochemicals, food packaging, and other materials linked with agricultural production and packaging

Overall view of our R&D strategy

Overall view of our R and D strategy