Mitsui Chemicals

Intellectual Property

Group Intellectual Property Strategy

The Mitsui Chemicals Group regards intellectual property as a wide range of intangible assets that contribute to its business, including a host of rights under contract and trade secrets, as well as intellectual property rights like patents, confidential know-how, utility models, designs, brands (trademarks), and copyrights. The Group understands the importance of strategically leveraging an optimal mix of intellectual property.
The Basic Strategies of the 2025 Long-Term Business Plan are to (1) promote customer-driven innovation and strengthen our ability to propose solutions, (2) accelerate global expansion by strengthening overseas production and sales channels, and (3) strengthen the competitiveness of existing businesses by streamlining and establishing next-generation works that employ such advanced technologies as IoT and AI. From the foundation of these Basic Strategies, the Company will reassess its policy (patent application strategy) for acquiring and utilizing intellectual property that gives it an edge over the competition. Through tight-knit cooperation among business divisions, R&D divisions, production/technology divisions and other concerned departments, the Mitsui Chemicals Group aims to maximize the business opportunities afforded by intellectual property while minimizing any associated business risk.

Intellectual Property Strategy Framework

Evolving Intellectual Property Portfolio

The Mitsui Chemicals Group believes there are three key factors to success in its customer-driven business strategy:
(1) In existing basic business domains, rebuild the competitiveness of intellectual property for products at mature phase, including via business acquisition and
(2) In business domains that drive growth, including new products, acquire intellectual property with an eye on solutions-based businesses, including patents aiming specific applications, and
(3) In next-generation business development domains, acquire intellectual property related to parts and materials operations, including the essential materials and processes of products.
The Company is building and strengthening its intellectual property portfolio in accordance with the characteristics of its products and processes, maturity of markets, and each stage of product life cycles.

Building a Highly Exclusive Patent Portfolio

Over the past decade, the Group has maintained around 3,800 patents (held as patent families) in Japan and across the world, comprising patents effectively owned by the Company and major subsidiaries. For expanding operations in the Mobility, Health Care, and Food & Packaging domains, strengthening the competitiveness of Basic Materials domains and pushing forward with the development of new businesses with an eye to the next generation, we intend to expand and augment our holdings of patents and other intellectual property while maintaining high quality standards, with the aim of building an elaborate and highly exclusive patent portfolio,

Strengthening the Intellectual Property Platform of the Mitsui Chemicals Group

To execute this intellectual property strategy, the Mitsui Chemicals Group is strengthening its intellectual property platform by (1) reinforcing and supporting the training of personnel who have advanced technical knowledge and skills related to intellectual property, (2) hiring personnel with adaptable skills for managing intellectual property in areas beyond those related to chemicals, (3) promoting outsourcing, directing our focus to the creation and execution of intellectual property strategies which enhance the performance of infringements judgment, intellectual property right clearance, and contract management (transition to intellectual property consulting), (4) promoting invention by expanding key intellectual property personnel onsite, including at works, and (5) examining the introduction of AI tools to advance the analysis of big data.

Harnessing and enhancing the value of intellectual property
throughout the Mitsui Chemicals Group

To achieve further growth throughout the Mitsui Chemicals Group, we have been actively implementing to configure, secure and strategically harness the best possible mix of intellectual property, that is building on the individual goals set out in our business strategies, with the aim of establishing a sustainable competitive advantage in combination with our Technological strategy. At the same time, we will always respect and take steps to ensure compliance with intellectual property rights belonging to other parties.
As well as harnessing intellectual property held by the Mitsui Chemicals Group for our own purposes, we are committed to helping a wide range of business partners, so that we can generate new value and create new businesses together.

※ If you are interested in licensing or entering into a partnership in relation to intellectual property held by the Mitsui Chemicals Group, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We will give serious thought to all inquiries. Please be aware that you may be required to sign an appropriate confidentiality agreement before proceeding.