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The Mitsui Chemicals Group has set "Diversity," "Challenge" and "One Team" as the three core values to be shared and held in high regard among Group employees all over the world. To realize the wish, encapsulated in those core values, to "create a company in which all employees can actively make the most of their diversity and put their all into their work," we actively deploy initiatives designed to encourage "Diversity" and "Inclusion."

Aiming for human resource diversity that emphasized gender equality, we expanded our Group’s Diversity & Inclusion initiatives, which had started with the establishment of a Promotion and Development of Women Team in 2006. We added new perspectives, such as “Acceptance of / Co-existence with Different Cultures” associated with the expansion of global management and the recruitment and active utilization of people with disabilities, and reorganized into the Diversity Promotion Team (2011) and the Diversity Promotion Department (2015). In addition to aiming to realize our core values, we are working to raise awareness of diverse employee career paths and adapt to changing values toward work styles.

Female Employees’ Active Participation and Advancement in the Workplace

The Mitsui Chemicals Group was focusing its efforts on proactively leveraging the capabilities of women in its operations even before establishing the Promotion and Development of Women Team in 2006. These efforts include assigning female employees to plants and employing women in positions with promotion prospects. Although we have made steady progress in our efforts to foster a corporate culture that encourages the ongoing employment of women over the past decade, we are still facing challenges. There remains a lack of consistency in annual female employment rates, there are small numbers of women with technical backgrounds applying for jobs and being hired, and a low percentage of female managers.
Under the 2025 Long-term Business Plan, we have set a target rate of female managers (line managers or higher) of 10% or more (Mitsui Chemicals,Inc. registered employees). One factor for the currently low numbers is that the ratio of women among all employees is comparatively small. In our hiring practices, we work to set a numerical target for the ratio of female employees in regular recruitment for respective job types, namely, for regular technical positions, regular administrative positions and general positions (primarily factory operators), as the situation for each of these is different.

A Message from the President

Our goal is to remain an attractive corporate group in which all employees are able to fully demonstrate their capabilities.

The Mitsui Chemicals Group recognizes the importance of diversity in ensuring sustainable growth both for the Group and society. Based on this understanding, we have positioned diversity as one of our core values.
Advancing diversity is an important business strategy. We strongly believe that a diverse pool of human resources, characterized by wide-ranging experiences and a wealth of new ideas, is the driving force behind innovation, a key source of sustainable growth.
As a part of its efforts to promote diversity, the Mitsui Chemicals Group works diligently to foster a corporate culture in which female employees are able to excel. Moving forward, we will redouble our efforts to support female employees to take up the challenge of advancing their careers. We will also look to promote a growing number of women to positions of senior management.
The Mitsui Chemicals Group is committed to building a workplace environment in which employees can make the most of their strengths and capabilities. In this manner, we will continue to pursue innovation and work toward becoming an attractive corporate group.

Tsutomu Tannowa
President and CEO

A Message from the Outside Director

I believe that for the Mitsui Chemicals Group to improve its corporate value, our Group must be an organization where a diverse pool of human talent, including women, can play an active role in the workplace. To that end, I believe that it will be critical for the Group to place higher priority on and work toward achieving the above goal as a management challenge. As the outside director representing stakeholders, I will keep a close eye on the direction of management and offer my advice.

Yukiko Kuroda

Ratio of Female Employees (Mitsui Chemicals, Inc. registered employees)

Ratio of Female Employees (Mitsui Chemicals, Inc. registered employees)

Ratio of Female Employees Hired through the Regular Recruitment (Mitsui Chemicals, Inc. registered employees)

  FY2017 FY2018 FY2019
Goals Results Goals Goals
Ratio of Female Employees Hired through the Regular Recruitment Regular Administrative Positions 40% 46% 40% 40%
Regular Technical Positions 15% 11% 15% 20%
General Positions 5% 3.2% 5% 5%

Average Length of Service (Mitsui Chemicals, Inc. registered employees)

  FY2016 FY2017
Average Length of Service Males 19.7 19.2
Females 21.1 21.1
Total 19.9 19.5

Non-Japanese Employees’ Active Participation in the Workplace

The Company began the full-scale hiring of non-Japanese employees in Japan in 2005.
For non-Japanese employees working in Japan, we provide dedicated consultation services and the systems to enable them to exchange and share information on a daily basis via an internal social networking service (SNS). In addition to supporting trouble-free work and life styles, we are aiming to remain a company where it is easy for non-Japanese employees to work and to secure talented human resources.

Specific Examples of Assistance Provided to Non-Japanese Employees

  • Assisted with Japanese language training
  • Assisted with visa procedures
  • Addressed daily inquiries regarding HR systems, initiatives, company regulations
  • Conveyed information required for working in Japan in English and Japanese
  • Conduct inclusion study lectures (promote awareness of cultural differences)
  • Created English manuals for HR-related applications
  • Responses to life consultations from non-Japanese employees(assigned staff in charge to each business site)

Number of Non-Japanese Employees (Mitsui Chemicals, Inc. registered employees)

  FY2015 FY2016 FY2017
Number of Non-Japanese Employees 56 55 57

Enabling Employees with Disabilities to Reach Their Full Potential in the Workplace

In hiring employees with disabilities, the Company goes beyond achieving the legally required employment ratio and works to maintain environments in which people with disabilities can play an active role while accumulating skills, and have a sense that they are a member of the organization. In addition to conducting training sessions at sites that accept employees with disabilities to help other employees better understand the needs of those with disabilities, we establish incubation periods and adaptation / learning periods for certain lengths of time after hiring and devise measures, depending on the nature of each person’s disability, to enable him or her to smoothly commence work. We also support employees with disabilities with skills training that includes languages and computer skills , so as to raise the capabilities of employees in a way that is suitable to their individual talents.

We also hold inclusion lecture meetings with the aim of fostering a climate that accepts into the organization not only people with disabilities but also people with a variety of personalities and characteristics. At the lecture meetings, participants learn about sexual minorities, and we provide a forum for employees with disabilities to take roles as lecturers and talk about their own disabilities and experiences.

Ratio of Employees with Disabilities (Mitsui Chemicals, Inc. registered employees)

  FY2015 FY2016 FY2017
Ratio of Employees with Disabilities 2.2% 2.3% 2.3%
Legally Required Ratio for Employment of People with Disabilities 2.0% 2.0% 2.2%

Employee Comments

Opportunities for Learning That Are Useful on the Job Lead to Sustained Motivation

Mitsui Chemicals offers a variety of training and learning programs, building a framework which facilitates studies. In the year and a half since I entered the Company, I have taken language, PC skills and other programs.
I learned business English in the English language training that the Company offers. With the new expressions and insights I learned from the native English teacher, I was able to set new goals for myself with regard to English learning. In the correspondence course I took covering Excel, the learning method was to read the text and advance at my own pace, which suited me as an easy way to understand the documents I was reading. After the course I realized that I was able to use the Excel cell formulas to improve the efficiency of my work. In the training I took to make my work more productive, for me, with my traits of developmental disabilities, it was possible to learn ways to approach things that I could both put into practice and continue as well, so I felt that this was extremely meaningful. Actually, the time management methods I learned at training are useful on the job. The opportunity for this kind of learning is connected to my maintaining a high level of motivation.

Developmental disabilities
Joined the Company in fiscal 2016

Retired Employees’ Active Participation in the Workplace

Mitsui Chemicals is moving forward to leverage the wealth of experience possessed by senior human resources, and to those retired employees who wish to continue working, calls for ongoing employment through its system of rehiring. We do this to address the challenges of insufficient numbers of human resources associated with expanded business operations and the generational retirement of those employees that had been hired in large groups, as well as to utilize employees who are highly motivated to work, even after their retirement. From fiscal 2018, we will improve conditions of remuneration at the time of rehiring, and aim to expand the numbers of those who wish to continue working.

Examples of Training and Lectures related to Diversity at Mitsui Chemicals Inc.

Year Target audience Theme Lecturer No. of Participants
FY2016 Management staff (line managers or higher positions) Promotion of women's participation and advancement in the workplace The director of Diversity Promotion Department 629
MCI employees IkuBoss
(an ideal boss who supports his or her subordinates' work-life balance and manages his or her work-life balance)
expert outside the company
MCI employees Management with understanding of sex differences expert outside the company
MCI employees Employment of persons with disabilities expert outside the company
MCI employees Developmental disability expert outside the company
MCI employees Developmental disability employee with disability
MCI employees LGBT
(lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender)
expert outside the company
FY2017 MCI employees Influence of diversity on management expert outside the company 578
employees in charge of consultation services for harassment at the head office, each branch, works and affiliates LGBT
(lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender)
expert outside the company
female employees Women's career and health expert outside the company
MCI employees Support system related to babysitting services The director of Diversity Promotion Department
MCI employees Family care expert outside the company
MCI employees Learning disabilities employee with disability
MCI employees Dementia Supporter Training Lecture expert outside the company
MCI employees How to approach/instruct employees with developmental disabilities expert outside the company
MCI employees Physical impairment
(Visceral impairment)
expert outside the company
MCI employees Understanding Muslims expert outside the company
MCI employees Supporters for Employees with Disabilities expert outside the company
MCI employees Necessity of Work Style Reform and Diversity expert outside the company
Supervisors of Female Factory Operators Mitsui Chemicals Promotion and Advancement of Women and Management of Female Subordinates The director of Diversity Promotion Department
Female Factory Operators Fostering the Career Awareness of Factory Operators expert outside the company
Employees with Disabilities Development of Various Capabilities (Computer skills, languages, others) expert outside the company

Support for Female Operators’ Participation and Advancement in the Workplace

In the quarter century since 1992, Mitsui Chemicals has hired women as operators at manufacturing sites, and moving forward, will further promote the active participation an advancement of women at its factories. In fiscal 2016, briefings on the social background of the promotion of women’s active participation and advancement in the workplace, the initiatives that companies, organizations and individuals should take as well as Mitsui Chemicals’ goals and action plans toward the promotion were conducted for line mangers at all Works in Japan. In addition, at Works that accept women operators for the first time, we are continuing to hold training sessions that cover the promotion of women’s active participation and advancement in the workplace and the management of female subordinates.

In fiscal 2017, we conducted training with a theme of raising career awareness, bringing together female operators who work at all of our Works. For participants in this training, this also proved to be a venue where they could get to know other employees in the same situation better. The president also attended a social gathering, and provided the message that “I believe that there are numerous challenges with regard to women working at manufacturing sites, but our hiring of women will continue unabated, and there is a necessity to increase the numbers of female employees who work at manufacturing sites. As for the Company as well, I hope to support with the creation of an environment in which all of you can perform an active role.

Employees at training
Employees at training

Consolidating Expertise to Streamline Business Operations

Mitsui Chemicals has employed many female employees in general administrative positions who can be said to be “veterans,” given their lengthy career experience. It is the knowhow of such women, who possess a thorough understanding of business operations, which will prove invaluable as we move forward with business reforms. Given this, in fiscal 2016, we implemented training in which we invited external instructors so that employees engaged in sales support and delivery operations could learn basic schemes for making the execution of their tasks more efficient, as well as to sublimate the “challenge” of discontent, such as inefficiencies or difficulties experienced in the course of their daily work. Over the course of six months, we conducted this training in order to find solutions to these challenges. In fiscal 2017, eight of 25 people who had participated in this training took part in a new project in which they progressed from a “proposal” stage, to “taking action.” The project theme was education of an SAP system that is employed in the delivery of the Company’s products. SAP processing is categorized vertically in terms of product or application, and it was such that operational expertise was not being shared. For this reason, this project worked to launch portals managed by participants, and to develop FAQs based on useful experience that would be shared as part of beginner education training materials. In addition, the project developed a training environment in which beginners could practice SAP input, and had the aim of improving SAP processing skills. In fiscal 2018, new members will get together to identify and take on new challenges.