Mitsui Chemicals

Human Resources Management


We believe that treatment in line with proper appraisal is an important system that improves employee motivation, secures and fosters talented human resources, and is closely related to the Group's development.

Evaluation Feedback

At all levels, Mitsui Chemicals has systemized feedback interviews and meetings to set goals for evaluation results with superiors. In goal-setting interviews, we not only set performance targets for a single fiscal year but also, at the same time, conduct a "capability / career development interview" to confirm the business tasks the interviewee would like to experience as well the skills he or she would like to acquire in the short term (within three years) and long term. Employees are thus able to give due consideration to their own careers on their own initiative. In addition, the manager appreciates the career perspectives, the strengths and weak areas as well as the future goals of his or her staff and appropriate support is made possible.Moreover, the Mitsui Chemicals Labor Union studies the take-up ratio of feedback interviews among its members and the degree of satisfaction with the feedback. The results of the survey are shared by labor and management, and we are striving to manage the evaluation system appropriately.
Since fiscal 2017, Mitsui Chemicals has been engaging in processes ranging from setting goals to evaluating performance based on its Talent Management System (Success Factors). This system was initially applied to management staff, and there are plans to extend it to all employees while its operational status is closely monitored.

Ratio of Evaluation Result Feedback Interviews Provided and Degree of Satisfaction (Mitsui Chemicals Labor Union Registered Members)

  FY2015 FY2016 FY2017
Ratio of Evaluation Result Feedback Interviews in the Previous Fiscal Year 98% 96% 98%
Degree of Satisfaction over Evaluation Feedback
(Ratio of those answering "satisfied", "generally satisfied")
89% 89% 90%

Global Evaluation Guidelines

Global evaluation guidelines were formulated in May 2016 as means to organize Mitsui Chemicals Group evaluation mechanisms, approaches, and design, and have been disseminated to all Group companies. These guidelines consist of two concepts: (1) Management By Objectives (MBO), management techniques for setting goals and (2) global core competencies. Leveraging these guidelines, HR departments of four regional headquarters (the Americas, Europe, Asia-Pacific and China) support the development, revision, and operation of evaluation systems for companies in their respective regions.
Specifically, global core competencies are used as a shared index within the Mitsui Chemicals Group “Key Talent Management” system, while 360º feedback assessments undertaken in tandem with leadership development program are based on these core competencies.
Improving assessments and training is becoming an urgent issue with regards to identifying and utilizing talented Group-wide human resources in the years ahead. We are deepening our cooperation with Group companies in order to apply shared Group evaluation indices broadly and fairly.

Legal Wage Compliance

Following far-reaching investigations, pays (including bonuses, overtime pay, midnight work allowances, and compensatory day-off systems) and benefit packages provided by Mitsui Chemicals Group companies are set above statutory levels in each country and region as well as at levels that encourage a sense of personal growth and improved motivation among employees.